Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quick Check Up

So today we had a nurse come to visit (standard procedure here in NY) to check on Olivia and Me. These are our stats so far:

Olivia is now:

2 weeks old
22" long (She grew an inch! That is crazy!)
7lb 12 oz (Chunkin up right along!)

All other things checked out fine and she has yet another thumbs up! Yay for a healthy baby!

Momma is now:

Last time I weighed in was a week before delivery and I was at 167lb. That was the best weight loss program EVER! Hey look I lost 20lbs in two weeks! Well the rapid drop of weight got me a concerned look from the nurse. She requested that I continue to keep up a health appetite and to not forget to drink plenty of water... oh and no working out will I get the thumbs up from my doctors.

So what am I doing right now... drinking water... eating chocolate cake and laying in bed updating my blog. Just what the nurse ordered!