Thursday, March 28, 2013

One Month!

Well... she has definitely grown since I posted last.

As for her development she is finally getting into somewhat of a schedule. Olivia sleeps really well and has started to take on her own personality already. She smiles and coos... oh and she is fascinated with shiny things just like her mom haha. I am sure if I were to roll myself in glitter she would be just ecstatic!

She has great muscle control and has since she was 2 weeks. She is able to stand on her feet (with assistance obviously) and has even started to roll over from her tummy to her back. Olivia is a pretty happy baby and is only really ever fussy when she is tired or hungry. She usually is pretty quiet and content just observing and taking everything in.

Livie is a HUGE cuddler! She loves cuddling with mommy while we take a nap

This Never Ending Roller Coaster Ride...

Well I have been MIA for a little over a year and I thought it might be time to say hi... We have been up to our eye balls in busy-ness. Life hit us hard when we left the Navy and moved out west, which was expected. The winds of change have moved us over here, nudged us over there and blown us so hard it nearly knocked us off our feet a few times. We have finally settled into a routine that shamefully took over a year to achieve. None the less we are here and have finally found solid ground.

The girls have grown like weeds. Pictures will be provided as proof. My babies are babies no more. Olivia knows her Solar System and Evelyn is mastering her ABC's. Technology is a breeze with both girls and navigating a cell phone is nearly common sense to them. They are bright, loving and beautiful girls.

Ryan has found his little niche in the world. After doors slammed shut on us career wise due to the economy he was able to follow what he felt right about and enjoyed. We are still in the process of forging forward yet the pathway seems to make more sense.

We celebrated 6 years of marriage in January and I honestly couldnt be happier. We both have our flaws but the wrinkles have started to smooth themselves out. Personality clashes have started to become less relevant and more humorous than anything. Ryan's jokes still are not funny... unless you ask him of course.

As for me I am back home with my not so little babies. As I pushed and pushed in the work force the Lord kept pushing back until I was finally back where I belonged. My girls are the most important thing to me and He has made it very clear that their well being is far more important than a meager paycheck. I still contribute here and there but bacon only comes home when I bring it from the grocery store. As the puzzle pieces fall perfectly square I cannot help but think how foolish I had been to not follow the Lord sooner. We recently decided after much consideration and divine intervention that I would be reopening my Boutique but hand made baby wraps were not making enough of a profit margin so new inventory was needed. After some elbow grease and common sense the pathway was made a little bit clearer.

So here we are to present tense... and it only goes up from here.

Dani W

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Its Been Awhile...

Well if you have been following us and noticed a lack in attention to our blog... it is because life just has NOT stopped in the last 6 mo. I apologize for the massive gap but as life has finally started to settle out into some sort of normalcy I will be on here more often telling all about how hectic life is with two growing toddlers. As for recent pictures... here you go! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moving Part 2...

We left NY really early in the morning err... late at night, so we could be to Bradford, Pa early enough in the day to spend some time with my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tim. My beautiful Aunt Kathy is a wonderful woman and was actually the one who inspired me to become a cheerleader! She has aged so gracefully and her beautiful face reminds me so much of my Grandmother who of which Miss Olivia is named after... 

Our two beautiful girls just after they had woken up bright and early! 

Ryan decided to take our brand new Pathfinder on a few muddy trails... he was pretty stoked! 
I cant decide what is prettier ... my adorable little girl or the breathtaking view of my Aunts property behind her...! 
My HAM of a dog Zoe... 
Some girl time out on the back deck.
Olivia bribing Daddy and Uncle Tim to push her in the stroller... Uncle Tim gave into the beautiful big blue eyes and she enjoyed every second of it! 
Isnt she just adorable!?!? We decided to burn some energy before hopping back into the car for the second leg of our very VERY   V E R Y   long trip back west! 

Saying our goodbyes 

Following the signs to Amish Country!!! It was a small detour and we may or may not have gotten lost but it was all worth it! 

Best Rest Stops EVER!!! Love these rest stops in Indiana .... The Oasis' are bridges that cross the interstate and have a couple dozen shops, restaurants, vending machines ect. The person who came up with these is a genius! 
Saw this in Ohio and HAD to take a picture of it... "Here Comes Martin!!" HAHA 
Who needs a yellow brick road when you can follow the red colored road?!
My adorable little giggle monster! 
Oh the windmills of Wisconsin... beautiful blue sky and vibrant green grass. 

The girls watched a LOT of Finding Nemo and when times got tense ... I just did what Dori kept saying in the movie... "Just keep swimming... just keep swimming..." because it took us two days to get from Bradford, PA to Rapid City, SD... two VERY long days! 


Monday, August 1, 2011

The BIG Move... Part 1

Before our BIG move to Utah we had a little fun while still in NY... here is proof! 

 We "played" with crayons... and by played I mean Olivia decided to eat and rub pieces all over her face... 
 Rolled around our living room... all three of us!

 Both girls had their first pedicures!!! (the feet above are Eva's and the tiny princess feet are my now 2yr old Olivia's feet... both girls wear the same size shoes...)

 Showed off our toothy grin

 Played Peek a boo... 

and finally enjoyed a little bit of the NY sun... it may have only been June but man it was HOT!!! 

Stay tuned for Part 2... where we ACTUALLY hit the road, Amish country and the beautiful Aunt Kathy's house... 


Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Girls

As I sit here, playing the single mom role while my better half is in NY, feeling my blood pressure rise and wanting to pull my hair out I felt inspired to dwell on how adorable my little girls are.

Little Miss Evelyn has mastered crawling and can do so at the speed of light. Now that that milestone is conquered she has gone on to bigger and faster things. She now stands all by herself and can even walk with something to hold on to. Her big toothy smile blesses our home on a very regular basis! That big toothy grin melts my heart and for both of our sake lowers my blood pressure.

Miss Olivia Mae has filled her places as Big Sister seamlessly. Her inevitable role has brought out her nurturing side as well as her helpful side.Olivia loves helping Ryan and I out by putting her toys away, throwing diapers out, getting things for her sister and helping her out whenever she needs it. Being an independent and fairly self sufficient now 2 year old she thrives upon positive reinforcement and having fun. She has taken a liking to books, The Care Bears, My Little Ponies, Barbies and Babies. Her most recent obsession has been over this little toy camera which she now walks around the house saying "CHEESE" while holding anything up to her eyes... a shoe, one of her ponies, a spoon and if she has nothing near by she uses her forearm.

Although having girls so close in age has plenty of challenges it also has many positives and the biggest of them all is how adorable they are! Nothing helps aid in a quick mood change then Miss Evas dimply and cheeky smile or when Olivia wraps her arms around my neck and lays her head on me. What a wonderful blessing motherhood is to this crazy thing we call life.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

As If Traveling Across The Country With Two Kids Isnt Hard Enough Already...

This last weekend Ryan, the girls and I were making the last leg of our trip. We had already made it to Washington and enjoyed our week plus there and were now headed to Utah to unload everything but the necessities as well as the dog for our trip to San Diego. We were heading down for two weddings and zipping back in time for Ryan to catch his flight back to NY, where he would pack up our entire house and drive back to Utah.

Now if only it had all gone according as planned...

We had been on the road for about three hours with a LOT less luggage and no Zoe. Ryan had called his sister and made plans to meet up for lunch in St George. Ten minutes away from the restaurant Olivia lets out this whine which is followed quickly by vomit. The smell quickly filled the SUV make those last ten minutes a very long ten minutes! Did I mention I had had to go to the bathroom for close to an hour at that point?! Anyhow... we finally get to Red Robin and I leap out of the car for the bathroom and quickly make my way back to help Ryan. Olivia had yet again thrown up this time it was outside of the car. Our little LivieBug had caught stomach bug and continued to throw up for another couple of hours.

Stephanie offered to let me and the girls stay at her house while Ryan continued on to San Diego for one of the weddings. He quickly returned and when he did Olivia was back to her old self... until she decided to walk on 100+ degree pavement and burn her little tootsies!! Her poor tender feet had blistered from walking for about 60 seconds outside with no shoes on. I turned around to a painful squeal and she was waddling back inside with tears streaming down her face.

The next morning I was hit with the stomach bug and finally pulled myself out of bed at around 3. With it being out last day in St George we packed up the car and began to head North to Salt Lake. 2 hours into our voyage home Ryan had to pull over and empty his entire stomach contents on the side of the road... two more pit stops we finally made it back to West Jordan where Ry spent the night on a giant bean bag.

After a day in West Jordan Ryan boarded a plan and headed yet again back to NY. We are now husband/daddyless and will be until Ryan returns with a Moving truck loaded with all of our belongings.

... and the journey continues...