Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Girls

As I sit here, playing the single mom role while my better half is in NY, feeling my blood pressure rise and wanting to pull my hair out I felt inspired to dwell on how adorable my little girls are.

Little Miss Evelyn has mastered crawling and can do so at the speed of light. Now that that milestone is conquered she has gone on to bigger and faster things. She now stands all by herself and can even walk with something to hold on to. Her big toothy smile blesses our home on a very regular basis! That big toothy grin melts my heart and for both of our sake lowers my blood pressure.

Miss Olivia Mae has filled her places as Big Sister seamlessly. Her inevitable role has brought out her nurturing side as well as her helpful side.Olivia loves helping Ryan and I out by putting her toys away, throwing diapers out, getting things for her sister and helping her out whenever she needs it. Being an independent and fairly self sufficient now 2 year old she thrives upon positive reinforcement and having fun. She has taken a liking to books, The Care Bears, My Little Ponies, Barbies and Babies. Her most recent obsession has been over this little toy camera which she now walks around the house saying "CHEESE" while holding anything up to her eyes... a shoe, one of her ponies, a spoon and if she has nothing near by she uses her forearm.

Although having girls so close in age has plenty of challenges it also has many positives and the biggest of them all is how adorable they are! Nothing helps aid in a quick mood change then Miss Evas dimply and cheeky smile or when Olivia wraps her arms around my neck and lays her head on me. What a wonderful blessing motherhood is to this crazy thing we call life.


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