Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thought You Might Find This Funny...

So Michael Jackson might have been a little weird this last decade or so but you cant deny that he was an amazing musician and an even more amazing dancer!

I personally grew up not only listening to his music but dancing to his songs... whether it was by myself in the privacy of my own home or on a team in front of hundreds of people.

Apparently I am not alone in this aspect... many have enjoyed his music from west coast to the east coast but his influence doesnt end at our shore lines... watch this video...

These are inmates from a Philippines prison practicing a synchronized "dance therapy".

Hope you got a kick out of that video... I sure did. I dont know how many times I have performed that dance routine. *sigh* memories.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update On Our Recent Happenings

Well recently we were faced with in interesting decision as far as Ryans job is concerned. He was placed at the top of a short list of candidates who were being considered for a school down in Virginia. What a great opportunity... Ryan would be on a permanent day staff position, no more rotating shift work, and the position would have been wonderful for his resume once he gets out of the Navy.

Only catch was... Ryan would have to report to Virginia on the 20th of July for a four and a half week certification school. Now if my due date WASNT July 31st it wouldnt have been a big deal at all but I was scared out of my mind to go into labor and deliver our first child... by myself!

Well aside from my own wishes to have him home I told Ryan that we shouldnt just jump in and say no but that we should pray about it and come to a guided decision. So we prayed together, prayed seperatly, had a constant prayer in our hearts and I just did not feel confident or comforted in the decision of him leaving despite the major advantages of him leaving.

Well Ryan came home after work on Friday and slyly mentioned... "Oh and by the way Planner School is booked solid so they wont be able to send me..." He said it with a grin on his face and I just wanted to start crying out of relief. If that wasnt an obvious answer from the Lord I dont know what would be.

Well Saturday I started feeling sick... just crumy... no energy, shortness of breath, nasuas ... the works. I have felt this way off and on since I found out about Ryan was not leaving for Virginia. Last night as I crawled into bed I looked at Ryan and said... I guess the Lord knew I was going to be feeling crumy and that I couldnt manage the last leg of this pregnancy without you.

Funny how the Lord knows us better than we do and if we just trust in Him and let Him take care of us... He does just that...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Making The Most of What You Have...

So apparently I am one of very very few that do this let alone have even heard of doing this.

Once a year, or as needed, I re-dye all of my black clothes... black. I wash all of my dark fabrics in cold water but they still fade so my once worn weekly favorite black tee finds its way to the back of my closet... until I re-dye everything... It is like buying my new favorite black tee all over again!

This time around I had a load of all black laundry which included: button up shirts, Ry's work socks, a bra, sports bras, black under tees, dance/yoga pants, and a few other regular casual tees.

It works great for pretty much every fabric and only costs a couple dollars. I opt for the Washing Machine method since I don't really want to sit and wait for things to soak and what have you... that and there is virtually NO mess. Just make sure you run an empty cycle of JUST WATER & BLEACH after wards... or your next batch of laundry will have a nice surprise ready for you when you take them out!

Here is the link to the web site for all of the colors they offer as well as fun dyeing techniques and craft ideas. They also have really good stain removers and color removers (which works great for all white clothing!).

Try it out and tell me what you think! Happy Re-Dyeing!


Im About 90% Done...

Well... I promised to post more pictures of my garden... So here they are! But first lets take another look back at the lovely landscaping before I got my hands on it.

(Eww... I didnt realize how sad our lawn looked too!)

The 90% finished product! I say 90% because I still have some little seedlings that I am working on that I will be planting here in a week or two.

Dont you love the awesome concrete work the people before us did with the stairs? Bleh! Being a concrete finishers daughter... I cringe every time I see these stairs... why?! Because finishing concrete isnt THAT HARD! lol. Oh well... good thing my dad is a carptenter! Oh Daddy!!! he he he.

I prefer this view of the stairs better lol... at least you cant see the horrible patch job they did. But look at my cute little flowers starting to take root. Oh I cannot wait for them to bloom. Once they do you can expect a ton of pictures!Yes, I am aware that my yard needs to be mowed... but hey at least it is green... ish!

My cute little seedlings! Every time I have a new empty egg carton I start another set of seeds. I know I am cheap but hey ... I guess you can call me "green" too lol... mostly just cheap.

Speaking of cheap guess what I got in the mail!?!?!

Ok... So I know I am not in need of a sippy cup right now... but hey they were giving them away for free with no shipping and I can always hold on to it for when Olivia gets old enough.

Last but not least... my babies. I told you they have been attached to my hip. Sometimes more literally than others.
(33 weeks & 4 days)

Well back to being productive. I have more weeds to pull, dishes to do, laundry to fold, more seeds to plant, and floors to sweep... and yes that mulch in the pictures was spread this morning. Nothing like breaking a sweat first thing in the morning! Hope everyones day is a spectacular one!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pedi's & Pets...

So as MANY of you may already know a couple of my friends and I went to get out tootsies treated! Boy was it great! Sitting in the massage chair while the lady papered my toes... **sigh**... I was in heaven!
(On the left is Sandra, Jennie on the right and my pudgy foot at the bottom)
Next time I am getting a cute flower like Jennie has... SO CUTE!

Aside from getting the royal treatment... I have also been enjoying the crazy personality of my dog. Zoe is what we like to call... "special"... Watch the video and you will see why... dont worry it is super short!

Zoe is hours of entertainment... I love having her as a dog! She loves to cuddle and has the cutest puppy dog face ever! Lately she has been glued to my side... I think she knows that the baby is coming soon and is trying to fill her "reservoir of attention".

Although she is cute and funny... she is a digger. Yes, a digger! We now have booby traps in our backyard that she has so kindly laid out to protect us from intruders. Thanks Zoe... dont know where we would be without you!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Its Here... Its FINALLY Here!!!

So yesterday Ryan and I went to pick up our long awaited glider and ottoman... I really wanted to tear apart the box and set it up once we got home but I was in a huge hurry to head out to Girls Night Out... So I had to wait till this morning to assemble (very minor by the way) and break in my new nursery item.

(All finished!)
(Breakin it in! )
(note the oober comfy hoodie and basketball shorts!)

Well I promised a 30 week picture and now that it is almost 33 weeks... I figure better late than never!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Circle Of Friends

G i r l s N i g h t O u t

What a wonderful Girls Night Out tonight was! I have been so blessed with such an amazing group of women in my ward that have embraced me (yes they do know I am a big goof ball) and have made my experience out here so far away from my friends and family so much easier... pleasant and refreshing actually!

Tonight a group of us went to The Old Bryan Inn in Saratoga and it was divine! I wasn't super hungry so I decided saving room for dessert was absolutely necessary. I ordered the Creme Brule which was very delicious. Although I was pretty full by the half way point of my dessert I couldnt just walk away from such a delicious treat and so I found small nooks and cranies in my tummy to finish it all off... I mean really who leaves creme brule left on their plate?!

I was shocked to see what time it was when I hoped in my car... I thought we had only been there maybe an hour... but 10:15 rolls around and I am just leaving the parking lot. Time flies when you are having fun!!! What a treat, I cannot wait to do it again!


Things To Do...

What a day! Ryan has just started a new schedule that he will be on for the next month and a half so I am in the process of adjusting to his new sleep schedule... So needless to say waking up this morning was a little difficult.

Despite my late start I still have things to get done...

  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Give both the Dog & Cat baths
  • Clean up kitchen
  • Sweep floors
  • Dust
  • Finish setting up planter edgers

... And a few other things I am probably forgetting.

Yesterday was my OB appointment and all went well! Baby still sounds strong and is still as active as ever! I did however go from 158lb. last appt to 157lb. this week... Not exactly sure what that is all about but the Dr said that I should be fine as long as my appetite is still strong.

Birthing class was also last night... once again it is a very "interesting" class. I am really glad that we are attending and recommend them to anyone who is having their first child! There are just a lot of things I guess I never really thought about and no one has told me or to just debunk a lot of old wives tales.

Well that is it for me... We have a girls night out tonight... a much needed girls night out too! I might take some pictures... maybe.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blindely Led To The Slaughter...

So I am still very against Obama... and I know I know... I might be overly opinionated but I just do not understand what it is that the majority of people see in this guy! I read articles all of the time to keep myself updated and I am just more and more astounded at how obsurd some of his ideas really truly are.

Case in point... My new favorite Obama quote:

"The 'pay-as-you-go' rule is very simple," Obama said. "Congress can only spend a dollar if it saves a dollar elsewhere." This is in reference to his priority one health care plan.

First of all... Our tax dollars shouldnt be treated like a couch from Rent a Center. Secondly It isnt paying as you go if you are simply moving debt from one account to another... it is still debt?! "Paying off" one credit card by moving the debt to another credit card doesnt decrease the amount you owe in the least.

This is the same health care plan that many fellow Americans used as the sole factor to vote for him.

The other main issue that was the deciding factor for many of my peers was the whole "war" situations... funny how no one has come home yet... more have gone out one deployments... and he has actually announced that he isnt bringing anyone home anytime soon but in fact moving them somewhere else!

This article here is my latest eye rolling update on our president. The title says it all "Obama: It's OK To Borrow To Pay For Health Care".

Oh well... I cannot be too bothered by all of this hypocricy... just means we are that much closer to the second coming. 12th hour here we come!


The Many Faces of Elder Swain

Well My husband and I are like surrogate family members for a lot of the missionaries that come to the Saratoga Springs ward and we LOVE it! We have them over often and love chatting with them and the special spirit that they bring into our home.

For those of you who do not know transfers are coming up, tomorrow actually, and we are loosing one elder and gaining a new another. As a funny tribute to our goofy Elder Swain... who has a small fascination with hi-jaking peoples cameras and loading their memory cards up with pictures of him and only him... here are a few pictures he thought I was going to delete and would never been seen again.

Hope you enjoyed the many faces of Elder Swain... I am sure he will enjoy this entry for many years to come!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Freebies!

I have lived life with a humorous yet true saying... "Free is the way for me!" (Thanks Dad). Well I found a few freebies that I wanted to pass along! So here you go!

Free Havaianas Flip Flops!!!

(Click link above to visit the Havaianas Sandals Web site)

HOW TO ENTER THE HAVAIANAS GIVEAWAY (July Issue): Starting June 9, 2009 at 12:01 AM (ET), go to and enter the code “flipflops” on the entry form to receive one (1) pair of Havaianas flip-flops from Havaianas (approximate retail value: $18). Three thousand (3,000) will be given away. One per person. Giveaway ends July 6, 2009. While supplies last. Once all flip-flops are distributed, there will be no substitute product given away. A notice will posted on when all 3,000 pairs have been given away.

Or you can take your chances by entering in the sweepstakes by Vouge... click here.

Free Ice Cream @ Friendly's
(for all my East Coasters!)
June 6th (Saturday... TOMORROW!!!) from 12-5

Free Glade Scented Oil Candle w/ Tin
(Link provided) I entered both me & Ryan and our candles will be here Aug. 15th... pretty exciting!!!

Free bake ware item from Easy

Just pay shipping... I chose NOT to use the $1 shipping option because it has some strings attached.

Hope you enjoyed the update... take advantage of them!!! Might as well in this ooober "successful" economy!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Expanding Waistline...

Well Tuesday night was our first Birthing Class... it was ... interesting. Lets just say we learned a lot! This whole dilating thing... not so sure I am comfortable with it... and did you know only 10% of womens water break!! How the heck am I supposed to know it is time to head out to the hospital?! The do NOT prepare you for this in the movies that is for sure! lol.

No it definitely wasn't a bad experience just... interesting. I did however get a few questions answered and some comfort on certain issues. I think I raised my hand for a question every couple of minutes... Can you blame me?! I have no mother figure out here to explain all this to me and on top of that MY Mom had pretty much the easiest pregnancy known to man so she really isnt much help on a lot of issues... like morning sickness and fatigue. Haha I would call and ask her questions of what I should expect or how she delt with it and her reply usually was... "I did really ever experience that so I dont really know what to do about it." Now if we were all as fortunate as her... we would all of 15 kids and our own TV shows about having 15 kids. Hmm... and why she only had one child I am not sure.

Anyhow... my belly is starting to get... big. I will post some pictures tomorrow so you can all see. I am still pretty small for how far along I am but boy oh boy can I feel my circumphrence expanding!

Our next Dr appointment is June 9th. Our last appointment went really well... I gained 3lbs. She has a strong heartbeat and my blood work for my Thyroid came back normal. I had them check my Thyroid levels since it has been about a year since my last test and Thyroid Graves Disease sorta runs in the family... best way to keep it at bay is to monitor it and stay stress free... lol... well at least close to stress free!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finally... We Have Pictures!

Ok... so I have been promising pictures for some time now of our progress on the front yard and house.. well here you go! Before and after pictures of front yard!


(Front Yard... depressing isnt it?!)

(Our lovely "garden" sad sad shape!)


(Front yard after lots of weeding, seeding, transplanting,
removing sod and many other laborous tasks!)

(Our not as pathetic looking garden! We have cleared out all but two bushes in the back and transplanted the iris'. We also leveled it out, weeded, removed the ugly edging, and are starting to lay the foundation for the paver's retaining wall.)

Aside from the front yard we also tended to the back yard... cleaning up the remnants of the porch we tore down almost a year ago... mowed the lawn... added a new solar led motion light for the back yard... and a few other tasks that just needed to get tackled. Thanks to the missionaries we were able to get a lot done in a little amount of time. Dont worry I fed them really well that night! :)

Zoe enjoying her back yard that no longer resembles a jungle!
She is super stoked for all of the new free space out there!

I have a few more pictures to post but it is late and I am tired... tell me what you think of the improvements so far?! Any suggestions?!