Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update On Our Recent Happenings

Well recently we were faced with in interesting decision as far as Ryans job is concerned. He was placed at the top of a short list of candidates who were being considered for a school down in Virginia. What a great opportunity... Ryan would be on a permanent day staff position, no more rotating shift work, and the position would have been wonderful for his resume once he gets out of the Navy.

Only catch was... Ryan would have to report to Virginia on the 20th of July for a four and a half week certification school. Now if my due date WASNT July 31st it wouldnt have been a big deal at all but I was scared out of my mind to go into labor and deliver our first child... by myself!

Well aside from my own wishes to have him home I told Ryan that we shouldnt just jump in and say no but that we should pray about it and come to a guided decision. So we prayed together, prayed seperatly, had a constant prayer in our hearts and I just did not feel confident or comforted in the decision of him leaving despite the major advantages of him leaving.

Well Ryan came home after work on Friday and slyly mentioned... "Oh and by the way Planner School is booked solid so they wont be able to send me..." He said it with a grin on his face and I just wanted to start crying out of relief. If that wasnt an obvious answer from the Lord I dont know what would be.

Well Saturday I started feeling sick... just crumy... no energy, shortness of breath, nasuas ... the works. I have felt this way off and on since I found out about Ryan was not leaving for Virginia. Last night as I crawled into bed I looked at Ryan and said... I guess the Lord knew I was going to be feeling crumy and that I couldnt manage the last leg of this pregnancy without you.

Funny how the Lord knows us better than we do and if we just trust in Him and let Him take care of us... He does just that...


museumeg said...

I'm so sorry you are feeling crummy but I'm so glad everything worked out. The Lord really does take care of us when we ask for his help. Try to get some rest.

Jeremy and Brigitte said...

I"m so glad you don't have to do the last leg yourself! What a blessing. I love your dye idea below! I have used that stuff to dye shoes before, but I have never thought to redye my clothes. Have you done it with anything else?

Dani W said...

Thanks Megan & Brigitte! Brigitte ... No i havent tried it on anything other than close... not yet but it works on pretty much every fabric I have used it on as far as clothing is concerned. It all started with dance pants actually... they get soooo faded ( you know this) but yeah I am sure it will work for things like drapes and sheets and anything remotely similar. I want to try it on my drapes so I can get a super cute pink for the babies room... we will see.