Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

It is that time of year again... Mothers Day is here upon us! This time around I have TWO beautiful daughters who I marvel at on a daily basis... but I am yet again away from three of the most important women in my life. My amazing Grandmother who is the rock of our entire family. My beautiful Mother who is one of the most loving, loyal and sincere people Ive ever met. As well as my Step Mother who has taught me so many lessons over the mere seven years she has been in my life. They have all been amazing examples to me through out my life and lifted me up in their own unique ways. I am so blessed to have such amazing women in my life who continue to be beacons of light and truth. 

Spending yet again another Mothers Day away from my Mothers makes this year a little bit harder to celebrate... all I want is a hug from them... I guess it will just have to wait a few more months. Until then I just wanted to say... 

Mom... Thank you... 

Sincerely your, 
little angel baby, monkey or piglet on the east coast... Dani

Evelyn's 7 Month Pictures

Miss Eva is growing fast! At 7 months she is sleeping through the night, eating solid foods, sitting on her own, crawling, pulling herself up and even beginning to walk while holding on to things! 

She is continuing to develop more and more of her personality but so much of it is already present. Evelyn is our tenderhearted girl... very loving, sweet, kind, and yearns for feeling of being close and cuddling. 
 Eva has the most heart melting dimple ever... her little two tooth smile melts the heart of anyone within seeing distance. 
Little Miss Eva is our little Peanut. 


Friday, May 6, 2011

She's a Fixer Upper

A few repairs/upgrades to our home ... 

 Fixing the mess of a plaster job the people did before us. 
After (Looks like a cross between stucco and venetian plaster)
 Before: Hideous "Rainbows" as I call them. 
 Close up view of the "rainbows" on our hipped ceiling. If you got to close the texture would stab you in the head! I know you are jealous!
 Our new entry way from the garage! It was a beautiful shredded astrotuft and carpet tiles before... 
All of the white part was either forest green or brown. It is definitely brighter now!
 The previous owners were definitely rebels when it came to the rules of decorating by putting a bedroom fan in the living room... 
 My handy man in action! You would not believe the intelligence and skill level of the people who installed the previous fan... lets just say a few choice words slipped while uninstalling the old fan.
 Our new fan!!! Hey this one is in fact a living room fan... who would have thought! 
 Finished painting trim... it is called... Coconut Milk! You like?!
 Put up the corner molding boxes so we can put up the crown molding. Its all in the details!

I can safely say we have only made a small dent in the things that need to be done... no worries... I know we can do it!

Many MANY more pictures to come as we tackle the rest of our projects head on! Now if only we had done all of this three years ago we could have enjoyed all of this!


Little Of This Little Of That...

The New Do... this is my attempt at being "Sassy" ... notice my just take the picture already and get this over with smile. haha.

Watching General Conference (Pictures are kind of late but oh well... )

All three of my girls... Zoe included... Notice Olivias new "smile" ... dont blame me I didnt teach her that! lol

 Ryan "Watching" the girls... I am never surprised ... not any more at least. 
Olivia was SO excited to open her Easter Card this year. I uploaded a video of her on THIS post. 
Miss Eva in one of her Easter Dresses with her first Pigtales!!

Took the girls to see the Easter Bunny... 

Our Impromptu Family Photo... SO glad I decided to wear makeup and nice clothes that day!


Where To Begin...

Merriam Webster defines Overwhelmed as: 


\ˌō-vər-ˈhwelm, -ˈwelm\

a : to cover over completely : submerge b : to overcome by superior force or numbers c : to overpower in thought or feeling

The other day I had a wonderful visit from my Visiting Teachers. In closing of their visit they asked me the same questions they always ask me. "Is there anything we can do for you?" In my head I always giggle at this and respond with... "well there is a sink full of dirty dishes if you really wanna!" But of course that never leaves my lips. 

This time however was different. Deanna phrased the question "I know you are moving soon... is there anything you would like help with? I can come help you do somethings around the house or I can watch the girls for you if that would make it easier for you!" Tears nearly streamed down my face as my blood pressure started to rise while the mile long laundry list of repairs, cleaning, packing and more repairs began to unfold in my mind. My anxiety when from 0-60 in milliseconds and I could feel myself start twitching with the adrenaline. 

For those of you who do know me... know that I am a one person show. I grew up as an only child thus resulting in this feeling that I can do everything on my own. I realized I had to swallow my pride and allow my Visiting Teachers to help me... this is what they are here for! 

As many of our upgrades have started to take place or have finally been finished, only took us a good three years, I have enlisted the help of those around me. 

I couldnt be more thankful for selfless friends and sudo family members. I have been so blessed in the three years we have lived here and as I dragged my feet and prepare myself to wave goodbye I know that someday ... somewhere ... our paths will cross again. Until then ... this momma is gonna be a workaholic... only taking time out of my day to eat, sleep and play with my two amazing daughters.