Friday, May 6, 2011

Little Of This Little Of That...

The New Do... this is my attempt at being "Sassy" ... notice my just take the picture already and get this over with smile. haha.

Watching General Conference (Pictures are kind of late but oh well... )

All three of my girls... Zoe included... Notice Olivias new "smile" ... dont blame me I didnt teach her that! lol

 Ryan "Watching" the girls... I am never surprised ... not any more at least. 
Olivia was SO excited to open her Easter Card this year. I uploaded a video of her on THIS post. 
Miss Eva in one of her Easter Dresses with her first Pigtales!!

Took the girls to see the Easter Bunny... 

Our Impromptu Family Photo... SO glad I decided to wear makeup and nice clothes that day!



Riggs Familia said...

wow, your girls almost look like twins in that last photo! too cute!

Remedios The Beauty said...

lovely kids!!! <3