Saturday, May 7, 2011

Evelyn's 7 Month Pictures

Miss Eva is growing fast! At 7 months she is sleeping through the night, eating solid foods, sitting on her own, crawling, pulling herself up and even beginning to walk while holding on to things! 

She is continuing to develop more and more of her personality but so much of it is already present. Evelyn is our tenderhearted girl... very loving, sweet, kind, and yearns for feeling of being close and cuddling. 
 Eva has the most heart melting dimple ever... her little two tooth smile melts the heart of anyone within seeing distance. 
Little Miss Eva is our little Peanut. 



k and p said...

Just came across your blog on FB-good to get an update on your life! Your little family is so cute-and your little girls are absolutely adorable!

Jamie said...

She is precious, and has so much hair for a 7 month old. My newest daughter is 5 months and still bald. :0)

Anonymous said...

whew she s very cute

hot said...

whew she is cute