Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rocker Girl @ Heart!

I have always been a huge music fanatic. My mom has a good story of me impressing my kindergarten teacher with my dancing skills. So when I say I have always been a music fanatic... what I mean to say is I came out of the womb tapping my toes to the beat of some pretty awesome music.

I guess that is what happens when you are the prodigy of the MTV era.

So I owe some of my family members for my music tastes... my mother being the largest influence. I always scored pretty high with the cool kids when I told them that MY Mom was a frequent to the Gorge at George and other venues to see things like Warped Tour & OzzFest.

So... This brings me to the REAL reason I am posting this. I have a list of a few bands out there that I would give just about anything to see in concert.

My list includes:

  • Aerosmith
  • AC/DC
  • Velvet Revolver
  • Guns N Roses (seen, Idaho Center 2004)
  • Eric Clapton
  • Pink Floyd
  • Life House
  • Garth Brooks
  • Nickelback
  • Lonestar (seen, TRAC 2001)
Ok, now a couple of these bands I have seen already and some I wont ever be able to see. As for the others my chances of seeing them glow slimmer and slimmer as time goes on due to the fact that they only come out on tour every decade or so.

So guess who is coming to the area?! AC/DC!!! Am I absolutely stoked?! YES! Am I going to be able to go?! No! Why you ask?! Why am I going to miss the concert of the decade?! Because they are coming to Albany three days after my DUE DATE!!!! Why me?! Why is it that one of my all time favorite bands is coming out of a 7 year silence to perform a stones throw away from me and I will be in recovery mode with a newborn? Now if only I could convince them to shift their concert date a few weeks to the left... hmm... One can hope right?!


Friday, May 29, 2009

So Tired...

The Ward Party was tonight and it went GREAT! I was a little worried in the beginning because there were only a handful of people gathered in the gym. I had ducked out to paint my toe nails red... since it was a Memorial Day BBQ and I was already wearing blue and white it just made sense to paint my toes red! Anyhow... I duck out for a minute and when I return the party attendance had tripled (at least!), this was a huge relief to me!

I ran around like a crazy person... decorating, moving tables, adding chairs, running hot off the grill burgers and dogs to the buffet table, chatting with friends and diving into the plethora of delicious desserts which where TOTALLY calling my name!

I had a wonderful time seeing people enjoying themselves and all of the wonderful food that everyone brought to partake of. Other than seeing people smile, laugh and stuff their faces my favorite part of the evening was hobbling out to my already loaded up car (thanks to a handful of people who refused I carry anything) to find a dozen or so people still hanging out on the lawn and having a good time.

This was one of the best ward activities I have had and I am so glad that everyone who attended enjoyed it just as much as I did! Thank you so much to all of those people who brought food, games, grills, helping hands or just a cute smile to help brighten the activity! It would not have been nearly as fun without you!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Name Game...

So I guess I need to vent. I have been becoming more and more irritated with certain people. I call home frequently, about 2 times a week give or take, and it seems every time I call home someone has a new name picked out that they would like me to use for the baby. This doesn't really bother me it is usually more humorous than anything.

What is annoying is one of the first questions they ask me after "how are you doing" is "so have you settled on a name yet?" Now normally this wouldn't be an issue since... well I havent had the baby yet... but seeing as how Ryan and I have had the same name picked out for well over a year now and our decision to use this name hasn't wavered in the least in that amount of time you would think they would just accept the name and move on.


Now if the name that Ryan and I have picked out was oober trendy or just way out there... then I could understand my families hesitation to my commital of such a name. But the name is rather tradition and sentimental at that.

So this brings me to all of you and my lovely blog... Honestly ... is Olivia Mae really that horrible of a name that my family would spend the last 7 months trying to find something "better"?

It isnt that I really even care what other people think of the name either... When I told my dad what name we had picked out he said "Well that is a pretty name... do you like it?" I said yes and he replied with "If you like it then I like it and that is all that matters."

Sorry for venting I am just getting tired of explaining a few times a week "Yes, we are still using Olivia... No we have thought of any other names... No we are not changing our minds..."

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice or words of wisdom?! Because I am so beyond over feeling like the name I have picked out is weird or not good enough... I even dread calling home because I dont want to have to defend the name I picked out. It seems like everyone else in the world loves the name but my family.

Anyhow... I need to stop talking about because it just gets me more and more irritated.

Seriously though words of wisdom would be great right about now.


My Crazy Calling

Are You Ready For A Party?!

As many of you know I am the Ward Activities Director and I absolutely LOVE my calling. I find such satisfaction in being able to bring so many different people together in one place and have them all have a good time. Not only that but I LOVE being able to have missionary experiences and ward activities are such an easy way to introduce people to the Gospel.

Well this Friday, tomorrow, I have a lovely ward activity planned and well like any other spring day here in New York ... the weather is unpredictable. So my sunny Memorial Day BBQ is headed in the direction of an in-doors cook out. I am not worried though... we are Mormons... we don't let a little rain 'rain on our parade' (Sorry I had to use that saying lol).

I cannot wait to start setting up and seeing everyone enjoy the food... it is so rewarding for me to watch people enjoying themselves. YAY I am just so giddy right now!

Wish me luck and sunshine... sunshine = football and football = a happy Priesthood.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Little Green Thumb

Well I have been working on the garden and the yard a little more lately.

A few weeks ago I weeded the garden out really well and took out the old scalloped edgers to get ready to put in new pavers.

I have also fertalized the garden and yard along with laying new grass seed down to help boost our lawns ... meager appearance.

Ryan and I have working on removing the sod from along the front walk and transplant Hostas for a nice edging.

Since we have still been dropping into the mid 30's at night once in a while... planting my flower seeds was a little bit of a risk so I decided to bring them in this year.

(Dark Purple Alysum and White Marigolds)

(My lonesome strawberry plant!)

(Cosmos & Bachelor Buttons)

So what do you think?! Did I do a good job? I am pretty excited... I think I did a pretty decent job for someone who doesnt really know a whole lot about gardening.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Niagara Falls & 30 Weeks Prego

Well as promised I come baring pictures! We didn't have the time to pick up a battery charger BUT we both have blackberry's so the pictures came out decent.

(Can you see it?! There is a pretty decent belly there now!)

(My oober cute husband posing for the camera)

(The Maid of the Mist sitting in the mist of the Horse Shoe falls)

(The American Falls... Very pretty with the Bridge in the background)

(No matter how many times you go to Niagara Falls it is always a fun experience)

Our trip was GREAT! I had a ton of fun just hanging out with my wonderful husband. We had to head home that night so it was a long drive home but well worth the trip!

A Little Decoration...

So on top of all of the updates on our house I have decided to take up yet another project.

It will look a little bit different that this and well... it wont say Lindsay on it either lol... BUT I know I can make a super cute wall hanging for our little bundle of joy that is very anxious to make her appearance.

I got the idea from the Creative Ideas section of Lowe'

There are TONS of fun ideas and very good instructions for those of you who are not the most 'handy' with a hammer.

My other project that I have decided I want to conqure is making myself a side table for my side of the bed... I have a vision of what I want it to look like all I need to do is stop by Lowe's and pick up my supplies! YAY for being a contractors daughter!


Monday, May 25, 2009

My Little Bun In The Oven...

Oh my goodness... I had no idea that babies move around SO much. From what I have been told mine is a little more active than most. This does not exactly surprise me considering the fact that both Ryan & I were very ACTIVE children... it is only expected that our little prodigy is also a VERY active individual.

(This is where my Mom & Dad get the glory of saying "I told you so...")

Thus far I have been dealing with 8 weeks of morning sickness, a little bit of heart burn, crippling leg cramps, a very painful hip, fatigue, the pains for my stretching skin and muscles and a few other side effects. Who knew your belly button changes from a cute little circle to a more amoeboid shape... boy THAT was weird.

Memorial Day Happenings...


This year... just like previous years... Ryan has to work Memorial Day. I find it somewhat ironic that my husband who has served multiple deployments and is currently serving his shore duty doesn't get holidays off... including the ones that are military associated. Oh well... one of the many 'perks' of being a military wife.

So as you enjoy your BBQ and your three day weekend... remember how this three day weekend came about. Today is the day to thank a Vet... old, young and those that are still serving our country to make sure we are as free as we can be.



Thursday, May 21, 2009


Do you remember this post?!

Finally I have evidence that the drivers in this state are NUTS!!! I knew I wasn't just being sensitive or biased.

As My Yahoo page loaded it brought up a new article that caught my attention. "Where The Worst Drivers Live". I was intrigued to find out the ranking of all 50 states and followed the link. I felt reassured as I read the opening sentence which states,"The worst drivers in America live in New York. Of course, you knew that. You've been in the Holland Tunnel. But now, we have proof" (U.S. NewsWeek Rankings & Reviews said).

To find out where your state ranked and how the rankings were determined... Click here.


Buffalo & 30 Weeks...

Today is Ryan's day seven of days which means tomorrow he is all mine!!! I cannot wait. We have a business training meeting in Buffalo tomorrow so a lot of our time together will be in the car and out of our house. I am pretty excited to get out of the area... nice change of scenery!

On the to do list is Niagara Falls... Ryan doesn't know yet but I secretly want to run over there and take in all of those positive ions... Sorry I guess I watch the travel channel too much lol. In my opinion you cant go to Buffalo without getting wings and seeing Niagara Falls... just unnatural!

I plan on going to Best Buy today and getting a battery charger so we can use our camera. I will provide pictures of me (the 30week prego lady) and Ry at Niagara Falls and all else fun on our little mini trip.

Ta Ta For Now!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I changed my page...! What do you think?!


Its Resolved...!

Remember this post?! Well my trip to the Commissary went fine... not good nor bad just fine. They gave me a phone number to call and sent me on my way. I get to my car, call the number to find out they are not open Saturdays... so I left a message and left it at that.

Monday morning I got a phone call at 8:30... blah who calls on business that early?! I waddle over to the phone, clear my throat and answer the phone. I explain my issue of signing for 26 dollars of groceries and coming home to find that I was charged an additional 50 bucks bringing my once meager bill to $76.12.

She was reluctant to help me since I had to receipt and seemed to be unaware of how everything done these days has an electronic paper trail. My frustration grew and then she said this... "Let me just take a look at one more thing... wait a minute THATS not your signature?!"... it was a bitter sweet moment for me. I was relieved to know that there was proof something was wrong but ticked off that somehow someone else walked away with 50 bucks that came from my account!

She hurriedly got off the phone to make a phone call so she could resolve the issue. With no phone call yesterday, like I was told I would receive, I grew impatient again. I called the Commissary this morning and found out that the cashier had not closed the transaction and the customer after me signed for mine AND his groceries... with my card. Well... maybe that guy needed the extra 50 bucks... you never know... but the store has an envelope waiting for me with 50 bucks in it. Thank GOODNESS it wasn't something big and just a sheer mistake. I would have hated to have to involved Pre-Paid Legal but ya know... when push comes to shove I know that I am legally covered and cant be taken advantage of! (sigh) What a relief!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yay!!! What A Great Way To Stay Connected!!!

Ok... I know I just posted but I had to come back for a second helping of posting.

I recently found out about this new web site and I am super stoked. It is a web site called "Mormon Channel" where you can find all of the Churches radio and tv stations on one site.

It is a great resource and a good way for those of us who dont live in an area saturated with church media to get our news and spiritual lift throughout the week.

I hope you all enjoy this new church web site as much as I do!


Angles & Demons

So last night Ryan took me out for our weekly date night... I think we might have skipped a week or two though. I love spending time with my husband and I rarely "need space", we just enjoy each others company whether we are out doing something exciting and expensive or just watching reruns of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.

Our movie selection was a toss up between Star Trek and Angles & Demons. Well... Angles & Demons won and with my Mary Poppins purse loaded with goodies we headed into the theater. It was totally empty... but soon after a dozen or so people filed in. People out here are just not as crazy about going to the movies as us West Coasters. When I lived in Utah, theaters would be packed mid week for recent releases. Out here they are lucky to fill a theater on the weekends.

Anyhow... the movie was great! I highly recommend it! I thought, unlike the Da Vinci Code, they did a good job with respecting the Catholic church and preserving their image. Some who have seen it say that they thought it was better than the Da Vinci Code... I dont know about that myself... but it was really really good.

I also enjoyed the fact that I have actually seen a lot of the places they depict (on the travel channel) so it was nice watching a movie and being familiar with their surroundings without having to read the book.

As for you who have read the book... Ryan has read it and enjoyed the movie just as much as I did.

Next on our Date Night Que... the drive in theater to see Star Trek and Wolverine!!! WooHoo! I cannot wait... I am a total closet Trekie... I blame my father. lol.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just Enough Time...

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Although I accomplished a lot (for my current status that is) I was in an obscene amount of pain. I did what I do best and trudged on through it and relaxed when I had a second to do so.

I was fully anticipating on not making it to church today. I actually woke up with Ryan this morning at 5:30 and the pain hadn't even subsided in the least. I pulled myself out of bed to grab a bite to eat knowing that it would be easier to do so while he was still home then trying to climb up and down the stairs by myself.

With a Ward Activity coming up I had to hang some posters and make more fliers as well as hand out sign up sheets for the Pot luck. I contemplated calling a couple of the sisters that are nearby and asking them to come by and pick up what I needed to have hung up, copied and distributed... but that seemed like a large task to ask someone else. I slathered my hip in Tiger Balm and went back to bed after Ryan had left... so I could get in a few more hours of sleep.

When I woke up I felt a million times better. Something that I had already tried seemed to work this time for me. I still only anticipated stopping by for a few minutes and then leaving. "I will only stay for a few minutes" I kept telling myself. Half way through Stake Conference I told myself "Once I cannot handle the pain anymore I will head home"... next thing I know the two hour session is over and I have collected all three sign up sheets and my three posters are hanging in various parts of the building along with a few handfuls of fresh fliers.

My drive home was good... no sever pain... I unload my car and head inside. As I was balling up some pre-made cookie dough I begin to realize the pain was back. It seems I was spared just enough time to make it all the way through church... and here I am sitting on the couch comtemplating if I have the strength to get up and grab a fresh baked cookie from the kitchen.

The Lord is great isnt he? If He hadnt given me enough strength to get me through church today I wouldnt have been able to fulfil my calling or have the privilage to listen to Mary N. Cook (YW Pres.), Elder Robert D. Hales and President Henry B. Eyring.

Although I am once again in pain and limited in my ability to get up and move around... I am grateful for the opportunity I had today to do that which I was not able to do with out the help of my God and my Savior.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday To Do list...

Well Ryan doesnt get off of work till 4:00 and I will be left to my own devices till then. This is what I am hoping to get done by the time he gets home.

  1. Dishes
  2. Laundry (oh so much laundry)
  3. clean up around the house
  4. make crock-pot pot roast for missionaries
  5. head to wal-mart to pick up final things on grocery list
  6. yell at the other grocery store I went to (the commissary) for tacking on 50 bucks to my meager bill yesterday. I signed for 26 and got home and they charged me 76!!!! Grrr.
  7. Finish planting my Hostas and laying grass seed.

Well I think that is sufficient for today. I have to receipt for the grocery bill mishap ... am I worried... no. I have a lawyer!


Friday, May 15, 2009

No Camera

So we have been up to a lot lately... and I would love to take pictures and post them... but on our San Diego trip we lost our camera's battery charger. Oh and when I say we I mean the zipper on the pocket it was in was ripped off and everything fell out on our way back here... awesome huh? Oh well I am off to the store to buy myself another one. YAY for having to replace things that other people loose!!!

Once I charge up that battery I will take plenty of pictures of my now 29 weeks belly, our yard and garden that we are working on and the room that is finally getting painted. ***sigh*** it feels good to be productive!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ryan's Mid Week Weekend...

Welcome to the world of rotating shift work... Ryan's weekend started Tuesday and he goes back to work on Friday. With the combination of such odd days off and beautiful weather we decided the yard needed to be tended to.

Yesterday we pulled weeds, cleared out the garden, pulled an obnoxious thorny bush from the garden, mowed the lawn and started cutting out the grass along side our front walk to get ready to plant some Hostas and install solar lights.

Today on our agenda... we are weed n feeding the garden, spraying the yard with Weed B Gone, laying down turf builder and finishing up cutting out the grass to start transplanting our Hostas.

We have tons more than just yard work to do so I need to jet. Wish me luck!!!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

To My Mom and Grandma...

(She is going to kill me for posting this picture but it is the
only one I have of the two of us!!!)

Over the past few years our relationship has become closer and stronger... I love you Mom!
Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to be the best that I can... even when I didnt see it you always saw that I was something special!

(My beautiful Grandma!)

My Grandma is amazing and has been such a constant strength in my life. (Next in line to becoming a Mom... I cant wait!)
Happy Mothers Day!!! I wish I could be there to give you two a hug... I hope this post lets you know that some where ... someone (ME) loves and misses you a whole lot!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy 26th Birthday Ryan!!!

It has been an amazing two and a half years! Thank you so much for being my best friend and taking such amazing care of me. You continue to help me become a better person while still making life fun.

I always wanted a a fairy tale wedding where the man sweeps me off my feet and I learn more and more everyday that you really are my Prince Charming. I couldn't have asked Heavenly Father for a better match for me than you!

Simply put I love you. You make me feel beautiful even when I am in bed sick. You make me feel loved, needed and wanted. I couldn't begin to list all of the ways you make me feel special... I love you now and forever. Thank you so much for all that you do for me... you are an amazing husband, future father and best friend.

I cannot wait to see what year 26 holds for us!

Your grateful eternal companion

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Adventures of Zorro The Masked Kitty

So our cat Zorro decided to make a a run for it the other day and had his own little adventure. After a few days of being MIA I saw Zorro hanging out in the field across the street. When I called his name... his ears perked up and he just walked in the other direction... stupid cat.

After calling his name a couple dozen times I decided he was probably hungry and I put is food dish out on the front steps with the front door open. About an hour later our dog Zoe started paying a lot of attention to the screen door and refused to lay back down on her bed... so I got up to see what she was so interested in. Sure enough her friend Zorro had decided he was hungry. I brought our little jungle kitty inside and doused him in flee and tick spray.

I am happy to report that although he looks like a matted mess he is indeed happy to have food in his belly and not out in the rain.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cinco De Mayo!!!

Woo Hoo!! I am so excited for a reason (like I really need one) to make my enchiladas! YAY! So ... we are having the elders over on the 6th and I promised them that I would make my infamous chicken enchiladas.

I made them for a mutual activity not too long ago and had everyone there begging for the recipe. My enchiladas are one of the first things I learned how to cook and one of the few things anyone every taught me how to cook. My amazing grandma introduced me to this super easy recipe and I have tweaked it to make it my own.

I will post pictures of our Cinco de Mayo dinner, that will actually be on the 6th this year, and possibly a recipe.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

So I am officially in my third trimester... wonder what lovely surprises are lurking around this corning...


Friday, May 1, 2009

I Gotta Vent!!!

Blah... I get so annoyed with how some of the things run out here in NY... it really makes me appreciate Washington... let alone the west coast!

So Ryan & I have been saving our recycling out here since we moved here... mainly because it costs us an additional 5 cents per bottle on top of all of the other taxes out here just to buy anything in a can or bottle, lame (By the way NY now has a "fat tax"... if it comes in a can or bottle and is sugar based and not diet ... tack on another 5 cents). Anyhow... back to our recycling piling up... you have to sort out the different bottles... cant all just be plastic out here have to separate them into carbonated and non carbonated.

So... back to our recycling piling up... today I decided that it would be a good day to drop off the recycling that we have collected. Key word... DROP OFF. This did not happen. We sorted bottles, removed lids and re-bagged bottles for about an hour and a half this morning. Nothing puts me in a good mood like sifting through my own bags of trash! Yeah... and the guy who works at the recycling center... just watched us.

Once done at the recycling center... that does not take aluminum cans by the way.... we had to load our car back up with the bottles and aluminum cans they dont take and drive to another location to one by one put them in the machines to get reimbursed for our 5 cents that this state charged us for in the first place.

Where I come from... if you have recycling that needs to be taken care of... you drop it off and the nice recycling guy comes and helps you unload it and then shoves it in a machine that sorts it for you OR has an employee manually sort it for you. If this country is hurting for jobs there are plenty of recycling centers in this state that could use a few extra hands... either that or have that guy actually do something other than sit in a booth all day watching a pregnant lady dig through trash! BLAH!

It is moments like these that I tell myself... "Meh throw it in the garbage"... really inspires me to save the earth.

Thoroughly annoyed at how obnoxiously liberal this state is,