Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Name Game...

So I guess I need to vent. I have been becoming more and more irritated with certain people. I call home frequently, about 2 times a week give or take, and it seems every time I call home someone has a new name picked out that they would like me to use for the baby. This doesn't really bother me it is usually more humorous than anything.

What is annoying is one of the first questions they ask me after "how are you doing" is "so have you settled on a name yet?" Now normally this wouldn't be an issue since... well I havent had the baby yet... but seeing as how Ryan and I have had the same name picked out for well over a year now and our decision to use this name hasn't wavered in the least in that amount of time you would think they would just accept the name and move on.


Now if the name that Ryan and I have picked out was oober trendy or just way out there... then I could understand my families hesitation to my commital of such a name. But the name is rather tradition and sentimental at that.

So this brings me to all of you and my lovely blog... Honestly ... is Olivia Mae really that horrible of a name that my family would spend the last 7 months trying to find something "better"?

It isnt that I really even care what other people think of the name either... When I told my dad what name we had picked out he said "Well that is a pretty name... do you like it?" I said yes and he replied with "If you like it then I like it and that is all that matters."

Sorry for venting I am just getting tired of explaining a few times a week "Yes, we are still using Olivia... No we have thought of any other names... No we are not changing our minds..."

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice or words of wisdom?! Because I am so beyond over feeling like the name I have picked out is weird or not good enough... I even dread calling home because I dont want to have to defend the name I picked out. It seems like everyone else in the world loves the name but my family.

Anyhow... I need to stop talking about because it just gets me more and more irritated.

Seriously though words of wisdom would be great right about now.



Em and Ms said...

Ha ha, sounds like you're pregnant. We had Madelyn's name picked out for years before she actually got here. Just pretend people have really bad memories and when they ask tell them the name, over and over again. I'm sure it has nothing to do with them disliking the name, and if it does they'll come around once they see your sweet little girl.

Oh, and Olivia Mae is a beautiful name--I love it!

Jes, Janessa & Jackson said...

I love it!! It's a beautiful name!! =)

Amanda said...

I like Olivia! I actually have had it in the back of my mind as a name for my own offspring. My best friend in kindergarten was named Olivia. It's cute!

Jess and Carl said...

First off Olivia Mae is gorgeous, secondly, what your dad said is right, as long as you love it then who cares what others say. Everyone bugged us and bugged us and finally we just told people "nope, we'll decide when we see them, so you'll find out then" and people stopped asking... I agree though, it's so annoying when people buig you over and over about what you are naming YOUR child. The other thing I would say if people suggested a "better" name was "Well if you love it that much why didn't you name your child that?" People shush up real quick when you say that! :) Love you honey and it's a beautiful name!

zeeny said...

I have learned my lesson and just tell everyone we aren't picking a name until the baby is born. I will tell them names I like but we usually have a few we like and decide when we see her. And you are right, who cares what anyone thinks except you. It's your baby...they can name their own!

Kelsey said...

I love the name Olivia as well. I have a niece named that. I don't have much advice to offer but looks like others gave some great advice.

NaDell said...

I have an Olivia. It's a great name.
Tell them they can always adopt their own child/pet/stuffed animal and name it what they want to.
They had their chance of naming things. You made it. You name it.
Oh, wait, how to do it politely? I don't know.

Dani W said...

Thank you!!! It has been fun and reassuring to hear all of your comments. I dont feel like I am going crazy anymore lol.

Conger's said...

As soon as they see the baby and you tell them her name is Olivia they will all love it because they love her. Don't worry after you have the baby people will just start telling you what you are doing wrong to raise her... oh the joys of being a Mom. :)