Friday, May 1, 2009

I Gotta Vent!!!

Blah... I get so annoyed with how some of the things run out here in NY... it really makes me appreciate Washington... let alone the west coast!

So Ryan & I have been saving our recycling out here since we moved here... mainly because it costs us an additional 5 cents per bottle on top of all of the other taxes out here just to buy anything in a can or bottle, lame (By the way NY now has a "fat tax"... if it comes in a can or bottle and is sugar based and not diet ... tack on another 5 cents). Anyhow... back to our recycling piling up... you have to sort out the different bottles... cant all just be plastic out here have to separate them into carbonated and non carbonated.

So... back to our recycling piling up... today I decided that it would be a good day to drop off the recycling that we have collected. Key word... DROP OFF. This did not happen. We sorted bottles, removed lids and re-bagged bottles for about an hour and a half this morning. Nothing puts me in a good mood like sifting through my own bags of trash! Yeah... and the guy who works at the recycling center... just watched us.

Once done at the recycling center... that does not take aluminum cans by the way.... we had to load our car back up with the bottles and aluminum cans they dont take and drive to another location to one by one put them in the machines to get reimbursed for our 5 cents that this state charged us for in the first place.

Where I come from... if you have recycling that needs to be taken care of... you drop it off and the nice recycling guy comes and helps you unload it and then shoves it in a machine that sorts it for you OR has an employee manually sort it for you. If this country is hurting for jobs there are plenty of recycling centers in this state that could use a few extra hands... either that or have that guy actually do something other than sit in a booth all day watching a pregnant lady dig through trash! BLAH!

It is moments like these that I tell myself... "Meh throw it in the garbage"... really inspires me to save the earth.

Thoroughly annoyed at how obnoxiously liberal this state is,

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Kathlen said...

We have the same dumb thing in Michigan, gotta love it!!