Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Angles & Demons

So last night Ryan took me out for our weekly date night... I think we might have skipped a week or two though. I love spending time with my husband and I rarely "need space", we just enjoy each others company whether we are out doing something exciting and expensive or just watching reruns of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.

Our movie selection was a toss up between Star Trek and Angles & Demons. Well... Angles & Demons won and with my Mary Poppins purse loaded with goodies we headed into the theater. It was totally empty... but soon after a dozen or so people filed in. People out here are just not as crazy about going to the movies as us West Coasters. When I lived in Utah, theaters would be packed mid week for recent releases. Out here they are lucky to fill a theater on the weekends.

Anyhow... the movie was great! I highly recommend it! I thought, unlike the Da Vinci Code, they did a good job with respecting the Catholic church and preserving their image. Some who have seen it say that they thought it was better than the Da Vinci Code... I dont know about that myself... but it was really really good.

I also enjoyed the fact that I have actually seen a lot of the places they depict (on the travel channel) so it was nice watching a movie and being familiar with their surroundings without having to read the book.

As for you who have read the book... Ryan has read it and enjoyed the movie just as much as I did.

Next on our Date Night Que... the drive in theater to see Star Trek and Wolverine!!! WooHoo! I cannot wait... I am a total closet Trekie... I blame my father. lol.


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