Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Crazy Calling

Are You Ready For A Party?!

As many of you know I am the Ward Activities Director and I absolutely LOVE my calling. I find such satisfaction in being able to bring so many different people together in one place and have them all have a good time. Not only that but I LOVE being able to have missionary experiences and ward activities are such an easy way to introduce people to the Gospel.

Well this Friday, tomorrow, I have a lovely ward activity planned and well like any other spring day here in New York ... the weather is unpredictable. So my sunny Memorial Day BBQ is headed in the direction of an in-doors cook out. I am not worried though... we are Mormons... we don't let a little rain 'rain on our parade' (Sorry I had to use that saying lol).

I cannot wait to start setting up and seeing everyone enjoy the food... it is so rewarding for me to watch people enjoying themselves. YAY I am just so giddy right now!

Wish me luck and sunshine... sunshine = football and football = a happy Priesthood.


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