Thursday, July 30, 2009

A few more... sorry so behind in my blogging...

Heading home from the hospital.

I wanted a picture of all three of us wearing out hospital bracelets... our little family of three!

Now that is one PROUD Papa... and yes he did pick that outfit as her home from the hospital outfit... He is trying to butter her up already! :)

Our little jellybean enjoying her boppy. Isnt she tiny?!

Her first bath! Yes... I was the nerdy one to lay her down on a ShamWoW!... But look at those curls!! So cute who would have thought she would come out with curly hair!

Hope you enjoyed some more pictures of baby Olivia...
we had her first Dr. Appt and her pediatrician Stephanie Jorgensen said she was Perfect! Already back to her birth weight at less than a week old.

She has been such an amazing blessing in our lives... who would have thought after all that pain, nausea and all of the other lovely side effects of pregnancy we would be blessed with such a BEAUTIFUL baby girl. One of the first things I said to Ryan after she was born was "We made a good one!" A good one she is... sleeps well... eats well and as Ryan found out... poops well too!


Monday, July 27, 2009

A few to suffice...

Oh and if any of you were wondering... I did in fact get my belly button back. :)


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here We Go...

Hello from the Labor & Delivery... Wow... I look really big!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

38 Weeks!

Barefoot & Pregnant... and still doing most of the cooking...

Thought I would add some pictures for your viewing pleasure of my big ol belly!

These are taken outside of the Dr. office just after my appointment.

Here is the update for 38 weeks...
Not dialating yet but pretty good progress as far as baby Olivia is beginning to drop a little more each day.

I had lost a pound the last visit and this visit... I gained 7 pounds... 3 1/2 lbs in each foot! Wanna see!?
WOO Mama!!! Those are some sexy kankles... like the Vienna sausage toes too?! I am pretty sure none of you are getting as big of a kick out of this as my dad... love you too Papa!

Well that is about it. Baby is good... Mama is good... and toes are nice and plump!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Hardwood Floors... Take 3...

A VERY Sore Husband & A Very Happy Pregnant Wife...

So Ryan and I have been working on these darn hardwood floors for so long. We moved into our house the second week of May 2008... and that was the week we started stripping stain and sanding them down. Well if I had known we wouldnt touch them again for nearly a year... I would have just left them alone. BUT. I didnt so we lived with unfinished hardwood floors for a little over a year. We started back at them again because well... we have a bit of a deadline with my due date coming here in 2 weeks. I guess that is the good journalist in me to wait till the very end to pump out quality work haha.

We recruited the missionaries (they are so kind to give up hours of time to help us out... I feed them well though I promise!) a few different sets over the past year to be exact, sanded down the floors to perfection and started staining away. Another close member to us, Brother Walsted, came to our rescue (well Ryans rescue that is since I cant exactly be of much assistance with a prego belly in the way) and we finished laying down the stain and closed shop for the night. The stain has taken HAINOUSLY long to dry and is now finally ready to be sealed and finished.

Here are a few pictures of our progress...

Our half way point after the missionaries had left... we started the day at 8:00am...

A HUGE change in color... What do you think?!

I think the fumes had been getting to J/k it was VERY well ventilated, promise!

The last bit of stain being applied... this was at 12:30 last Saturday night... He is one tired boy!

Once the polyurethane is on and dry I will take more pictures and post a good before and after. Oh and 38 weeks is coming up soon... I will post some LOVELY belly pictures! I promise I will keep the none existent belly button to myself this time.

Tell me what you think of the floors so far... a years worth of work could use some feedback!


Monday, July 13, 2009

37 Weeks... What A Busy Week This Has Been... So Far...

The Baby Shower!!!
(WARNING: This is kind of a long post but is full of pictures!)

Friday was my 37 weeks point and what a day it was! Had a Dr appointment followed by my baby shower! My Dr appointment went wonderfully and my baby shower was FABULOUS!!! There were a few people who helped out with the shower but it was put on by my good friends Jenilyn & Krista. The treats were to die for ... arent the cupcakes beautiful?!

The gift table... which a few gifts were added to after I took this picture.

One of the games they had planned for the night... baby sock matching... in under 30 seconds. Britney was the winner, apparently she really likes doing laundry... hey someone has to.

My first present to open for the evening... Cindy had made me this beautiful baby blanket. I had to open it first because she hadnt finished it yet and wanted me to see what she was making for me. She still had the needles left in (so she could finish it obviously) and when I pulled it out of the bag I was nervous because I thought she had started it and wanted me to finish it! I dont really know how to knit so that would have been a rather interesting gift... I was reassured when she said ... "ok now give it back so I can finish it for you!" I cannot wait to see the finished product!

Here is Cindy with the blanket, isnt it Beautiful?!

Some of my other gifts that I recieved... I had so many to open it was great! :) I am very grateful for all the people who attended and sent gifts! :) I had a wondeful time and couldnt have asked for a better shower!

Majority of the things that have been given to us as gifts or hand-me-downs. I feel so blessed to have so many caring and generous people in my life!

This cake one of my friends Torrie made for me... between Ryan and I we have demolished around half of it already... SO DELICIOUS!

Well that was the Baby Shower... next post... Finishing the Hardwood floors... a year and some change work of progress.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just One Of Those Days...

So today could easily be considered to be one of my least productive and uneventful days since being pregnant.

I have been so ridiculously sick all day that the thought of moving made me queasy and to top it off... I was so exhausted that I literally just fell asleep... in the middle of doing something. Add in a random hip pain that has decided to come out of no where, a very excited puppy who just wants to play and a cat that desperately wants to venture out in the great outdoors.

All of this at 8 months pregnant with a baby in my belly who is a very VERY active little girl... trust me I have the bruises to prove it.

I didnt get a thing done today... and there is LOTS to get done. The most productive thing I have done all day is take Zoe out to go potty... I guess it is only 5:00... there is still time left in the day to get stuff done... right?!


Friday, July 3, 2009

36 Weeks... Aint No Turning Back Now!

So today I woke up a little earlier (6:30 BTW), I took Zoe out to go potty and then fixed Ryan some breakfast before he quickly jetted off to work.

I hopped on the computer to check email, created a list of things to get done today, loaded the dishwasher, cleaned up after breakfast, brought the garbage can back from the curb and after sitting in bed trying to fall back to sleep I realized I wasnt going to get anymore rest. I checked the weather from my phone to see what I should prepare myself for... sure enough more rain.

So... what did I do at 36 weeks pregnant?! I went outside to pull weeds and plant flowers! I wanted to beat the rain since it has been raining constantly for the past couple of days.

Here are some pictures of my morning accomplishments... This was all done before 10.

(The infestation of crab grass I pulled out of my sidewalk border)

(My lovely new flowers I bought from a local green house for $1 a 6pk. flat, I bought 8 and it has filled it in nice!)

Here are some pictures of my belly... Did I mention my belly button has decided to go on vacation while I have been pregnant? Yeah, it just one day disappeared (It is about 98% gone). So I provided pictures for your viewing entertainment of my disappearing belly button as well as how big my belly has gotten.
(Hey look I take up the whole frame! You like the tiny stretch marks that sprouted over night?!)

(Look Ma... no belly button!!! You can kind of see where it used to be but believe me... it isnt there anymore!)

I couldn't resist putting this picture up of Zorro... I came in the Computer room the other day and found him passed out in the window sill... he didnt even flinch through all 5 pictures I took of him.

(Isnt he cute?! Yes he is in fact laying on that oh so comfortable plastic peice of the window frame)

As for an update on the pregnancy... I had my first weekly Dr appointment yesterday and he said everything looks and sounds great! My blood pressure looked great & I gained 1/2 a pound from the week before, I am up to 160.5 lbs. He laughed when I asked him if my belly button was ever going to come back... he reassured me that it would in fact return to normal! As for little Olivia ( I sure hope this baby doesnt turn out to be a boy or I am going to have to serious explaining to do one day) she is MOVING & SHAKING!!! My stomach has started to look like a waterbed with all of the activity... she actually has been giving me bruises from kicking so hard!

Well there you go... 36 weeks pregnant and still truckin along... just at a much slower pace!