Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Busy Little Bee...

Yay For Productivity!

Well hello to everyone! It has been a busy couple of days and surprisingly productive as well as... rewarding! I love the feeling you get when you cross out something on your long laundry list of things to do. Here is proof of all of my hard labors.

Take down ugly shades and shutters from bedroom windows.
Replace with new curtains and sheers.

Remove stain off of hard wood floors.

Take down bedroom ceiling fans and replace with new remote control ones.

Start taring down front porch.

Work on front and back gardens.

(By popular demand... here is a picture of our humble abode)

As you can see... my last week or so has been loaded with lots of things to do and some of which are not anywhere near being completed (i.e. hardwood floors).

( These door knobs are one of my favorite features about this house... a little elbow grease and they will look like their old selves again!)

I am now taking suggestions for our wall paint. I am wanting something sophisticated as well clean. Take a gander and some of the choices and tell me what you think!

Here are our current color selections... none of which are staying!

Living room:

(Yes the flower boarder must go!)

Dinning room:

Bedroom 1:

Master Bedroom:

Don't you love the color choices?!?!


Kelsey said...

Your house is too cute. Yeah for new paint colors. I can't believe some of the colors people paint their houses! I like neutrals for most of the rooms in houses- I liked Churchill Hotel Navajo White in the warm white section.

Jeremy and Brigitte said...

I like Red in a kitchen. Greens and browns in living areas.

Em & M's said...

Way to go! What a cute little house. A far as paint colors, a lot depends on your decor. Lately I've been really into green, and I'm a big fan of accent walls so the color doesn't overwhelm you. Neutrals are great too--there's some great sandy colors that look good with just about any decor. If you go with color, make sure it flows from room to room so you're not standing there going "Whoa." Oh, and don't forget the rule on paint color--get one shade lighter and one shade duller than you want it to be. Good luck! I can't wait to see the finished product! Can you tell I'd love to be painting and decorating my own house? Someday...

Dani W said...

Wow! Thanks guys! love the suggestions... the more the marrier!!!

C.Family said...

Cute house! You will make it look really cute. I love my wall color. The dark khaki color goes with a lot. Check out Pottery Barn online or the catalog for ideas. They alway have great looking rooms.

Riggs Familia said...

Cute home! I wish I had one:)
I love the bright yellow room...I think that and the flower border should stay :) hehe

Dani W said...

Ok so I may have had a glittery yellow room in high school.... those of you lucky individuals how got to see it... but trust me on this... the yellow room has got to and the flower border. I know I are soo heart broken. ;)

I stinketh not!! said...

You are a studist! Look at all you've done. Congrats. I think the pink and the blue is very "baby making" colors. Ha ha j/k. I wanna be there when you paint over those :)

Padilla Fam said...

nice home; you'll do a great job decorating it.