Friday, June 13, 2008

Dear Dad... I Miss You...

I have the most amazing father there is. Over the years he has become my best friend. I would like to tell all of you about him.

He has the best sense of humor there is and a laugh that is contagious. When he is about to get himself into trouble he has this goofy yet slightly evil laugh and a grin that goes from ear to ear. This laugh is usually accompanied by him wiggling his fingers at me attempting to tickle me.

When I was sick growing up he would make me Jello because it was the only thing I could get down my painfully swollen throat... being funny my dad would wiggle the Jello making me nauseous... we still laugh about this to this day.

My dad rocked the mullet and mexi-stach better than any other white man out there! I have the pictures to prove it... sorry dad.

He is a hard worker and has taught me how to build a home from foundation to shingles. I now know more about construction than my husband... this can be awkward at times but was a great way to get a date when I was single!

He calls me just to say hi and sometimes for no reason at all. Reminds me all of the time that I used to call more often, this is how I can tell he is in need of some quality "Danielle" time.

I treasured all of our daddy daughter dates... spending time with my dad was always fun whether it was loaded with conversation or just simply sitting next to each other basking in the silence together.

When I was little I had to tell my dad to stop smiling so much at all of my choir performances because seeing him in the audience smiling so big always made me start laughing in the middle of the song.

He went to all of the High School football and Basketball games just to watch me cheer and always wore the same jacket... the one with pins of me plastered all over it, so embarrassing.

One of my favorite moments in my life of me and my dad was when my dad looked at me after my parents divorce was final and said... "it's just you and me kid and I will always be here for you no matter what".

My dad is an amazing man and has accomplished so much in his life. He may not make the most money in the world or drive the coolest car ever, it is an ugly Ford pickup actually... stupid Fords, but he is my dad... he is my best friend... and I miss him very much. I love you Pa Pa... Happy Fathers Day from New York. This slide show is for you.

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(This means you have to actually comment this time Dad)

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C.Family said...

Cute tribute to your dad! It must be hard to be so far from those you love. Just know we all think and care about you. Take care!