Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Most Amazing Purchase... EVER!

Ok... so this might be a bit biased and over exaggerated BUT I have found some amazing shoes that make walking even at 6 months pregnant and sausage toes a pleasure.

Remember these...

The classic Adidas sandal... One of the most comfortable (ugly none the less ) sandals known to man.

Nike Solarsoft Flip Flops are AMAZING!!!

They are the softest coushy sole I have ever had, have ridges so your feet dont get all sweaty and look like a normal pair of navy blue or brown flip flops.

Apparently they come in womens as well... but I bought mine, that look just like these, in mens knowing that my little piggies would take on crazy amounts of water and no longer fit into my oober adorable stilettos.

Possible discount for all of my friends: Nike.com is selling these for 20 bucks... not bad for an awesome pair of flip flops... I bought mine at Kohls for 15... even better!

Good luck this summer ... hopefully you pick up a pair of these and you can enjoy it even more!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday meets Mothers Day = Awesome Gift!

Better Late Than Never... My birthday and mothers day presents were combine this year and after seeing what Ryan was up to... you wont hear any complaints from me! I have been DIEING for a sewing machine for close to a decade now, wow that makes me sound soooo old! Now I finally have one to call my own!! Ryan had ordered it and had to wait... and wait... and wait... till it came in. Little trickster he is pulled a small prank on me.

Well here it is... the newest addition to our family.

It even comes with its own hard cover carrying case... saved me load of money from having to buy one separately!

Isnt she beautiful?! Oh I just get giddy thinking about her... YAY!!! Who wants me to make them something?! lol

I blame this 12"x5" piece of fabric for my sewing fever... I wanted to make Olivia a tag toy so I borrowed a friends from church. Not bad after not having touched a sewing machine in over 5 years. Needless to say... many many more projects will come to pass now that I dont have to beg and plead friends for their sewing machines.

Do any of my crafty friends have a favorite website they visit for craft/sewing tutorials?! I am in major catch up mode at the moment.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

9 Months Old!

Well... more like 9 months and 3 weeks.

Olivia got a present for turning 9 months, aside from changing out her closet for a landslide of new clothes, which was getting her ears pierced.

She handled it valiantly and the Pediatrician who did the piercing did an excellent job! When we got to the Dr.'s office they weighted her, as usual, and she rang in at a whopping 18.5 lbs. Slowly but surely we are creeping up in weight!

To pay homage to my wonderful Aunt Debbie, who recently lost her battle with cancer, Olivia is wearing one of the dresses that she and her daughter had bought for her just before she was born.

I couldnt decide which picture I liked best so I am posting a few... hope you dont mind.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

22 Weeks... I Feel Like a Blimp Already!

Ok... So maybe I am not THAT big yet but boy... I am starting to feel it.

At my last appointment we found out that we are having another little girl. Yay! Boy this little girl is a MOVER! She is constantly moving around not an hour passes that she isnt burning some serious calories.

Speaking of Calories... I weight a whopping 154lbs. I have only gained 8 lbs since my pre pregnancy weight. Granted I didnt get down to what I would have liked to but then again I did get pregnant only 4 months after Olivia was born, ugh.

The weather here has been rather cool and I normally wouldnt be thankful for unseasonable cool weather but I would be swollen all over the place if the temperature was higher. I have resorted to flip flops already and even had to go out and buy two new pairs just to get me through the next couple of months.

Well here is the moment you have all been waiting for... my first official pregnancy picture for this pregnancy. I promise to be better these following months of documenting my rapid waist expansion.

(Please ignore my oober attention deprived dog lol... she has to be a part of everything.)

By the way... I am looking for a different stretch mark lotion/cream/oil... Ive used Palmers and it was ok... any suggestions?!


Friday, May 14, 2010

The Rest of Our BIG Weekend

Lucky for us both Ryans Birthday and Mothers Day fell on a 4 day weekend for Ryan which meant 4 days of awesomeness celebrating Ryans birthday!

I invited a few of his friends to go with him to Adirondack Extreme click the link to see what crazy stuff he had to do. He called me on his way home and summed up the whole event in "Im sweaty from head to toe, my hip is throbbing... and I had a BLAST!!!" I just laughed because only a guy would so stoked at such self torture.

Mothers Day was spent with sleeping in... I woke up that morning to Ryan taking care of Olivia, he let me sleep it he is so sweet, and sitting on the couch barely moving. I asked him how he was feeling after his extreme ropes course adventure and he replied with... "I cant move... anything".

So a relaxing day at home filled with family and naps is what made up my first official Mothers Day.

Here is Olivia in her ladybug sleeper with her new ear rings!!! :)

Monday was Ryan's Birthday party/ BBQ and the turn out was great! We had a good dozen or so of our closest friends out here ... we ate delicious burgers and dogs ... sang and had cake and ice cream... it was great! Ryan said it was the best birthday he had ever had, sure makes a wife feel good when she throws her husband the Birthday Bash of a lifetime.

There is some SERIOUS heat coming off of that cake!

The birthday boy hammin it up!

This year I decided to make his birthday cake again... it was a two layer chocolate cake with raspberry and fudge filling and chocolate cream cheese frosting. For only being my second cake I have ever made I would say I did a pretty decent job.

Hope all of your Mothers Day weekends went as awesome as ours did... that is going to be the weekend to top for a very long time that is for sure!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pictures of Our Little Peanut!!

Our little Peanuts first photo shoot...

The Ultrasound Tech said it is a 90% chance that we are having another little girl!
Just so I dont Jinx myself I will say... and if that is the case...

Meet Evelyn Grace Wolsey

Her little legs and toes!!!

Her little side profile with her hand under her chin. You can tell that she is going to have daddys nose!

Another side profile of her face... we can already tell that she is going to be an adorable little girl!

We are so excited to have a healthy and strong little girl! Ryan is still rooting for a boy so I guess we are just going to have to try for a boy next time! We got to hear the heart beat again and even watch her moving around on the ultrasound screen... this girl is a MOVER!!! I thought Olivia moved a lot but this one is constantly moving... all day long.. and night long.

It was such a neat experience to have Olivia there with us, she was so well behaved through the whole thing. Soon enough these two girls are going to be laughing and playing together... I cannot wait!


Friday, May 7, 2010

Well Today Has Sure Been Eventful!!

Today was a pretty BIG day in our house... This whole weekend in fact! Between Mothers Day, Olivia getting her ears pierced, Ryan's Birthday and finding out the gender of our little peanut we have been FULL of excitement!

Today was Olivia's appointment to get her ears pierced... WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! She is such a trooper and handled the whole thing valiantly! She was more startled by the cold air they used to numb her lobes and the clicking sound of the gun than she was of pain. My little LivieBug is just getting so BIG and looks absolutely adorable with her new earrings.

Now for the REALLY BIG news...

Drum Roll Please...


(Well we are 90% sure it is a girl)

I know I am slacking in the picture department at the moment but we got home and the CD was blank so we need to run back to the Dr's office to hopefully grab a new one with images on it as well as... Olivia is down for her nap and I havent gotten any pictures of her new earrings yet. SO. the pictures will have to wait a day or so but I promise they ARE coming!!!