Friday, May 14, 2010

The Rest of Our BIG Weekend

Lucky for us both Ryans Birthday and Mothers Day fell on a 4 day weekend for Ryan which meant 4 days of awesomeness celebrating Ryans birthday!

I invited a few of his friends to go with him to Adirondack Extreme click the link to see what crazy stuff he had to do. He called me on his way home and summed up the whole event in "Im sweaty from head to toe, my hip is throbbing... and I had a BLAST!!!" I just laughed because only a guy would so stoked at such self torture.

Mothers Day was spent with sleeping in... I woke up that morning to Ryan taking care of Olivia, he let me sleep it he is so sweet, and sitting on the couch barely moving. I asked him how he was feeling after his extreme ropes course adventure and he replied with... "I cant move... anything".

So a relaxing day at home filled with family and naps is what made up my first official Mothers Day.

Here is Olivia in her ladybug sleeper with her new ear rings!!! :)

Monday was Ryan's Birthday party/ BBQ and the turn out was great! We had a good dozen or so of our closest friends out here ... we ate delicious burgers and dogs ... sang and had cake and ice cream... it was great! Ryan said it was the best birthday he had ever had, sure makes a wife feel good when she throws her husband the Birthday Bash of a lifetime.

There is some SERIOUS heat coming off of that cake!

The birthday boy hammin it up!

This year I decided to make his birthday cake again... it was a two layer chocolate cake with raspberry and fudge filling and chocolate cream cheese frosting. For only being my second cake I have ever made I would say I did a pretty decent job.

Hope all of your Mothers Day weekends went as awesome as ours did... that is going to be the weekend to top for a very long time that is for sure!


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