Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pictures of Our Little Peanut!!

Our little Peanuts first photo shoot...

The Ultrasound Tech said it is a 90% chance that we are having another little girl!
Just so I dont Jinx myself I will say... and if that is the case...

Meet Evelyn Grace Wolsey

Her little legs and toes!!!

Her little side profile with her hand under her chin. You can tell that she is going to have daddys nose!

Another side profile of her face... we can already tell that she is going to be an adorable little girl!

We are so excited to have a healthy and strong little girl! Ryan is still rooting for a boy so I guess we are just going to have to try for a boy next time! We got to hear the heart beat again and even watch her moving around on the ultrasound screen... this girl is a MOVER!!! I thought Olivia moved a lot but this one is constantly moving... all day long.. and night long.

It was such a neat experience to have Olivia there with us, she was so well behaved through the whole thing. Soon enough these two girls are going to be laughing and playing together... I cannot wait!



Em and Ms said...

No matter how many times I see them, ultrasound pictures amaze me. A beautiful name for what I'm sure will be a beautiful little girl!

Kyle and Lacey said...

How exciting! Your girls will be such great friends, and if they are anything like their mother, there will be long nights of fun late-night chats. :)