Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday meets Mothers Day = Awesome Gift!

Better Late Than Never... My birthday and mothers day presents were combine this year and after seeing what Ryan was up to... you wont hear any complaints from me! I have been DIEING for a sewing machine for close to a decade now, wow that makes me sound soooo old! Now I finally have one to call my own!! Ryan had ordered it and had to wait... and wait... and wait... till it came in. Little trickster he is pulled a small prank on me.

Well here it is... the newest addition to our family.

It even comes with its own hard cover carrying case... saved me load of money from having to buy one separately!

Isnt she beautiful?! Oh I just get giddy thinking about her... YAY!!! Who wants me to make them something?! lol

I blame this 12"x5" piece of fabric for my sewing fever... I wanted to make Olivia a tag toy so I borrowed a friends from church. Not bad after not having touched a sewing machine in over 5 years. Needless to say... many many more projects will come to pass now that I dont have to beg and plead friends for their sewing machines.

Do any of my crafty friends have a favorite website they visit for craft/sewing tutorials?! I am in major catch up mode at the moment.



Kyle and Amanda said...

The lady who does that blog is seriously a genius. Nice sewing machine- I got one for Christmas a couple of years ago and it is amazing all of the things it makes you feel like you can do. Looking forward to seeing the finished projects!

Em and Ms said...

Fun! My sister-in-law told me about this site and it has great tutorials.

Conger's said...

Feel free to make me anything anytime :) Woo-hoo for doing crafts!Hope you have a lot of fun with it!