Saturday, September 19, 2009

Frequent Flyer

So many of you know I was out in Vegas for a Pre Paid Legal convention this last weekend. Things didnt turn out the way we had hoped. Ryan had put in for leave which it took nearly a month for them to so conveniently tell him that he could not go. So I went solo... which I was not a fan of but actually turned out to be a rather fun adventure.

Convention itself was terrific! I learned an absurd amount of knowledge and was so fired up about our future in the industry and excited to get back home to my team.

I also got my hair cut... yes... it is short.

As for being a frequent flyer... we are headed back to Utah on monday. My good friend Phatty is going to take family pictures for us, I cannot wait!

So you will have to wait to see the new do!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Olivia's Blessing Day

Olivia's Baby Blessing September 6, 2009 in Saratoga Springs, NY

Daddy getting Livie ready for her big day!

Our little family of three

Ryan took "action" shots of Olivia...

Mommy and her little angel all dressed up!

Little Olivia all dressed up in her heirloom blessing dress

Awe it is so fun to see just how much love a baby has for their mommy.

Our little wiggle worm... doing what she does best!

Typical Olivia... sweet, cooing and happy.

Mommy holding her little love bug...

A very proud mommy and daddy holding their greatest creation

Olivia's blessing was beautiful and Ryan did a wonderful job! Our little girl is going to grow into such an amazing woman with so many possibilities with all of the promises and opportunities that the Lord has install for her future. I would have loved to have all of our family there for her special day but... life happens. We were fortunate enough to have such wonderful neighbors who love Livie so much and were able to attend her blessing. In her blessing circle were all three members of the bishopric Bishop Dennis, Bro Jensen, Bro Barzee along with Bro Siglin, Bro Walsted, Bro Jared Jensen and Elder Wagner.

A few things that were mentioned in her blessing were that Olivia would prove to be a strength to her family and many around her. The Lord will bless her as she grows into a healthy girl and young woman. She will be an example to those around her and be the means by which many will come unto Christ. She will be married in the temple and raise righteous children.

It was a beautiful day everything from the sunny weather to the wonderful spirit that filled the air. I am so grateful to be apart of this gospel that allows us to be so connected with our Savior and provides us with such milestone days like baby blessings.

The humbled Mother,

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Things Are Changing...

Playing Catch Up...

Well... I have been neglecting my blog, to say the least. Things have just been a little busy around here with having to adjust to parenthood, Ryan going back to work, going full steam ahead with our Pre-Paid Legal business and we now have ROOMMATES! They are great! Our friends needed a place to stay for the time being and we have an extra room with plenty of space... so why not. They have been great to have around too. Maddie and Jeremy have both been wonderful company and treat Olivia like the little princess she is.

I know you are dieing to find out more about little Livie. Well... she is 6 1/2 weeks old and is finally starting to fill out her newborn outfits... some are still a little roomie but that doesnt hurt my feelings since it just means she will be able to fit into them later. We havent weighted her since she was 2 weeks but I would say she is about 9 1/2 lbs and close to 23 inches long. That is just a guess though.

Well here are a few more pictures of our cute little family.

Olivia at 1 week old

1 week

1 week

2 weeks old

Mommy and Olivia @ 2 weeks

Olivia's One Month pictures

She is so beautiful!

I couldnt resist... She is even cute when she is crying!

Our lovely little family and the elders who gave Olivia & I a blessing before delivery.

Elder Killpack & Elder Wagner with Livie @ 5 weeks old

Hope you liked them... more to come later!