Saturday, September 19, 2009

Frequent Flyer

So many of you know I was out in Vegas for a Pre Paid Legal convention this last weekend. Things didnt turn out the way we had hoped. Ryan had put in for leave which it took nearly a month for them to so conveniently tell him that he could not go. So I went solo... which I was not a fan of but actually turned out to be a rather fun adventure.

Convention itself was terrific! I learned an absurd amount of knowledge and was so fired up about our future in the industry and excited to get back home to my team.

I also got my hair cut... yes... it is short.

As for being a frequent flyer... we are headed back to Utah on monday. My good friend Phatty is going to take family pictures for us, I cannot wait!

So you will have to wait to see the new do!



Beans said...

hey-- you're going to be in utah? where? for how long? I live in provo and would love to see you and your little girl! 360-463-1192... give me a call.

Padilla Fam said...

happy blessing day for livie! she's gettig so big and pretty! i loved her little dress. you look great!