Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Feel So Blessed!

What a wonderful holiday! I know I might sound like a little bit of a hypocrite, the Valentines before I met my husband was miserable (to say the least). I was the Anti-Love day beliver and there is a rather strong following for this way of thinking. Although I am naturally a mushy person I never really enjoyed Valentines day. I just never had anyone that I really wanted to spend that day with.
I always dreamt of having a secret admire profess their undying love for me on Valentines day... this, to no avail, never happend. What can I say I am a hopeless romantic, sometimes a little more emphasis on the hopeless portion of that phrase. As for this year... it is ten fold better that years previous. Last Valentines day I spent with an apartment full of girls, not exactly my idea of a romantic date with my newly married husband. With him being out to sea for just shy of a month at this point I was full of mixed emotions. Having the joy of being a newly wed and the frustration of not being capable to spend it with my spouse.
As for this year... Ryan and I have each other, as in we can actually see and touch each other vs. just being on the other end of the phone or email. So this is a drastic improvement already, not to mention we have our tax return so we can do a little extra for one another, which is always nice. What Ryan has planned for the occation, I am not allowed to know but he assures me it will be great and I will love it.
Ryan kind of reminds me of that commercial of that husband who is giving the cute little puppy a bath then the wife comes home and she is all surprised as the dried, fluffed and bowed puppy comes running towards her. The wife expresses her thanks and surprise for the gesture and asks why her husband didnt watch the football game with the guys and he responds with "Oh, it is just a game". The narator of the commercial bursts in with "Because your not "THAT" guy..." It is amusing because well... Ryan is that guy. Silly as it sounds he would rather spend time with me than go do something that is, meh just mindless hanging out with a bunch of dudes. What can I say some people just arent lucky like us!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Morning Sickness...

Bleh. I dunno but so far this pregnancy isnt the time of my life that so many have tried convincing me it is. I think I have every symptom there is of being pregnant. Morning sickness, check. Fatigue, double check. Forgetfullness, check. Lucky for Ryan the mood swings haven't kicked in yet but I will tell you what, dropping things all of the time... has. This morning I finally decided that I could handle eating something, hoping it wouldn't just defeat the purpose by throwing it up anyway. So I make my way to the kitchen pop some soup in the microwave, grab the soup, sit down to the computer and low and behold my lack of hand eye cordination decided to make its self known and there goes my soup. And it wasnt like it was a nice broth that could be soaked up with a paper towel... no... it was a noodle soup that fell all over my lap and carpet flooring. If anyone besides me has done this before one would know mushy noodles and carpet do not work so well together.

Aside from morning sickness and dropping things, cravings has now made it to the list. Ryan experience his first cravings run to the grocery store last night but I was nice and went with him. Now normally a run to the store for dill pickles isnt really all that odd for me, pregnant or not. It was the timing that was the odd part, 11:30 pm. Who needs pickles at 11:30 at night, apparently I do. If pickles were the only food craving I had then for me it wouldnt be to far of a stretch but the reciept included: cook and serve pudding, soda (cherry 7up), ice cream and dont forget the pickles.

Can I just say... the nausea is by far the worst part. I get hungry every hour or so and to no avail get nauseated wether I eat or not. I have learned to nibble. Nibbling has become a good friend of mine... oh and so have Ginger Snap cookies.

So am I in for any more odd surprises...?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Engagement Story

This is Ryans perspective of the night we had gotten engaged:

We headed down to Coronado Island to go to my favorite restaurant called Il Fornaio's. In my opinion it is the best Italian food in San Diego County. It was just a little after sunset when we got there and we decided to sit outside on the patio where we had a view of Downtown and the SD harbor with a fireplace right behind us to compensate for the chill of the SD evening. When we got to ordering, as usual Danielle ordered a 22 oz. T-bone steak and I got a plate of lobster ravioli...when they went to bring the food out they automatically went to place the steak in front of me and Danielle kinda clears her throat and points in front of her that was mildly amusing. Anyhow after we enjoyed our meal there we continued on over to The Hotel Del Coronado. When we got there we walked along the beach for a bit and then went inside and took a tour of the small shops inside The Del...we continued our tour out to the courtyard and walked around there for a bit and then casually made our way over to the Pavilion in the center, which by the way is very well lit up, and we sat there for a minute. After she leaned back onto a rail behind her I went into my obligatory monolog about how much I loved her and what not and then I pulled the little box out of my pocket and her face lit up. After that I obviously proposed and when I stood up to put the ring on her finger I noticed a bunch of people were standing outside their rooms watching us because they all started cat calling and clapping...Danielle turned bright read and I just sat there and reveled in the fact that I got a standing ovation when I proposed (You don't hear about that happening to often). Anyways after that we

took a bunch of pictures and walked back down by the beach for a while. I have to say for the whole thing just being kinda off the cuff I was rather pleased with myself and Dani can't stop telling everyone she knows the story so it all turned out quite well.

-My story doesnt stray to far from his, actually it is almost identical.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Welcome To Our Little Piece of Technology

Well hello everyone, thank you for stopping by our page. The most recent occurances for Ryan and I are well... a few different things. We found out a few weeks ago that we are expecting a baby, which we are extremely excited about. It took us about a week and a half to make that happen, I am not compaining in the least about that.

I am pretty excited and well, nervous to become a mother. I stress about these sorts of issues, worrying that I am going to be a bad mother even though it is not in my nature to be that way. I have also been worried that it will be a girl... girls grow up to hate their mothers... point in case... not that I 'hate' my mother because it is far from it but we have had our sever ups and downs, there seem to be many many more downs that ups, in our "mother-daughter relationship".

Now why on earth should I be excited to give birth to something that is just going to grow up and despise me... I know what you are thinking... this is all a bit extreme and it is but lets be honest here... women are pretty extreme in their own minds. I should know better than to let my worries get the best of me but hey I was born with a wild and active imagination... and any rendering to that activity hasnt happend yet and shows no signs of slowing down.

On another note! Ryan just recieved official orders for our transfer to New York. I am rather excited that we get the opportunity to do such a thing in our younger years, where we are still a more mobile family, BUT, I will fight this move tooth and nail because of my hatred of the ... cold.

Why can't upstate NY be warm and pleasant? Maybe a little tropical... with cheap real estate and good schools. Now my husband likes snow and him being in the snow is one of his more fond memories... as for me I am my fathers daughter through and through... I hate the cold and more importantly ... snow. It looks great in post cards and I love snowboarding, but I lived in Rexburg Idaho and had my dose and a half of snow for the century. Did you know that Rexburg, Id. is one of the only places in the US that has record snow fall for everyday of the year... imagine snow in august. I am not a fan.

As I ramble on about how much I dislike the snow and cold weather I do want to tell you again... I am excited to move and think that it will be a good experience for me and my family. I will miss my friends and my family but hey... they are only a plane ride away, right?

New York here we come! Baby and all!