Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Feel So Blessed!

What a wonderful holiday! I know I might sound like a little bit of a hypocrite, the Valentines before I met my husband was miserable (to say the least). I was the Anti-Love day beliver and there is a rather strong following for this way of thinking. Although I am naturally a mushy person I never really enjoyed Valentines day. I just never had anyone that I really wanted to spend that day with.
I always dreamt of having a secret admire profess their undying love for me on Valentines day... this, to no avail, never happend. What can I say I am a hopeless romantic, sometimes a little more emphasis on the hopeless portion of that phrase. As for this year... it is ten fold better that years previous. Last Valentines day I spent with an apartment full of girls, not exactly my idea of a romantic date with my newly married husband. With him being out to sea for just shy of a month at this point I was full of mixed emotions. Having the joy of being a newly wed and the frustration of not being capable to spend it with my spouse.
As for this year... Ryan and I have each other, as in we can actually see and touch each other vs. just being on the other end of the phone or email. So this is a drastic improvement already, not to mention we have our tax return so we can do a little extra for one another, which is always nice. What Ryan has planned for the occation, I am not allowed to know but he assures me it will be great and I will love it.
Ryan kind of reminds me of that commercial of that husband who is giving the cute little puppy a bath then the wife comes home and she is all surprised as the dried, fluffed and bowed puppy comes running towards her. The wife expresses her thanks and surprise for the gesture and asks why her husband didnt watch the football game with the guys and he responds with "Oh, it is just a game". The narator of the commercial bursts in with "Because your not "THAT" guy..." It is amusing because well... Ryan is that guy. Silly as it sounds he would rather spend time with me than go do something that is, meh just mindless hanging out with a bunch of dudes. What can I say some people just arent lucky like us!

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Kathlen said...

Danielle!!!! Brad ran into your Myspace page and found your blog for me!!! I am so happy for you. You guys look so happy together! Welcome to Motherhood, you will never be the same. If you are still having crazy morning sickness, there is this great morning sickness medication that you doctor can give you called Zofran. It saved my life. We also have a blog, check it out some time it has cute pictures of my little one.