Friday, March 7, 2008

I Am Back From The Great Depths of ... Morning Sickness

Wow... what an event. Morning sickness was not nice to me this past month and some change. I think I may have lost weight from the minimal nibbling that took place.

We had our first ultra-sound on Tuesday and we had the chance to see out little jelly bean of a baby! Which was really exciting for both of us. Ryan held my hand through the whole extremely uncomfortable ordeal. We have a follow up appointment this coming Tuesday so... wish us luck!

We also have been getting listings for homes on the market in the area that we are moving to and it is so fun to shop for houses. I love shopping and it is even more fun to shop for things that are big that you can decorate!

We will be heading out to NY for about a week to do some house hunting and will be bringing my handy dandy father who is the "Master Yoda" of all construction. We have thought about dabbling in flipping a house while we are living in it and having my dad be the one to do most of the work, since we know that he is good at what he does and has our best interest at heart. It is pretty exciting to take that step in life... buying a home and visualizing all of the wonderful thing you can do to make it look irresistible when selling it... that and you make money in the back end of things. Which I am always a fan of!

Any suggestions for remodeling and decorating ideas and are pretty inexpensive but profitable?


C.Family said...

Humm... decorating ideas??? I usually have a hard time with that one. I love looking at Pottery Barn's catalog and getting ideas from there. They get some great sales sometimes, so watch their clearance section online. I think estate sales (something that would probably be awesome in NY) is a good way to get cheap furniture and decorating stuff. Check Craig's list up there, too. You can make used furniture look really good with just a little work.

Tyler & Nicole said...

I'm sympathyzing with you about morning sickness. I have always lost anywhere between 5 and 10 pounds those first couple of months. Not looking forward to that when we have another baby.

As far as decorating goes, I agree with Kori. Craigslist is awesome - other than that, just keep it simple. Simple is good!

Thanks for your tips and advice on organizing!