Monday, March 24, 2008

Back From The Empire State!!!

So this last week was a busy one. Ryan, my dad and I all flew to New York to go shopping for our very own first house. Very exciting. Initially we wanted to buy a house that was in less than perfect condition and fix it up so when we go to sell it here in a few years we could make a profit, BUT, we fell in love with this house that was pretty much perfect. We put in an offer for 155k and got it. It is a cute house in a really nice community. My dad inspected the house for any issues that we needed to either avoid or fix ourselves and it turned out that the house is in excellent condition! I have a gourmet kitchen and a huge master suit, doesn't hurt my feelings any.

We went out there knowing we would only have three days to find a house and with it being a sellers market out there... the homes seem to go pretty quickly. Despite all of the obstacles we managed to find a home that is move in ready, at an excellent price and close to his work. What a blessing. We are now just closing escrow and can move in the first week of May.



Del Bianco Family said...

Hey Girl!!! So lets see if you remember me... I was once your roomate, a dance team mate in college, your were my visiting teacher, and I was your relief society president. Can you guess who it is? It's me Jackie Perkins, but now I am Jackie Del Bianco. Mariana just emailed me and told me that she found your myspace and blog. I have a blog too. Email me your email address so I can invite you to my blog. I'm so glad you are doing great. That is so exciting you are moving to New York.

Conger's said...

Hey there! I love that we are all finding eachother now! Its so much fun to see what everyone is up to! New York will be fun! Where are you living right now? talk to you later!