Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Have A New Addiction...

I found a website while hopping from one blog to another and found this site and HAD to share!!!

Here are just a few of the projects I am DIEING to tackle!!!

Craft Organizer... that card table is really starting to get cluttered!

Project Table... The PERFECT Project Table...

Something a little bit more ambitious but TOTALLY do-able... This Pottery Barn inspired King size Farmhouse style bed...

I REALLY love this site... all of the plans are easy to read/understand and FREE!!! Couldnt get much better than that!?


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Olivia Mae's First Birthday!!!

July 22nd was a BIG day for us a year ago... we welcomed into the world our first child. She has been a pleasure ever since and continues to not only keep us smiling but also on our toes!

Her first birthday party was a lot of fun and Miss Olivia enjoyed every minute of it. I didnt think she would understand what was going on or why there were so many people surrounding her but she enjoyed every last second of it! Here are a few pictures of her very special day.

Kiddie Table with a few of the kids who came

A VERY happy and VERY excited Birthday girl!

Gift Table & the Lady Bug Cakes

Olivia and her first encounters with cake...

Now I know why they call them Smash Cakes...

She LOVED her cake...

Olivia and our Neighbor Ruthie and her niece Willow

The Birthday Girl with majority of the kids, the girls were wearing their Ladybug wings

Ladybug favor bags

Present time!!!

Olivia's captive audience showing off their wings

I think this is by far my favorite picture... Olivia and Ryan have the same facial expression. Apparently she is JUST as excited about the Transformers wrapping paper as her daddy is.

A few of the cards the girls made for her

Olivia got a few books for her birthday and LOVES them all... she carrys this one around with her a lot!

The loot... minus a handful of presents that came after the party. She sure made out like a bandit!

Her Party turned out GREAT and she had a ton of fun! Thank you to all of those who came and shared Olivia's special day with her!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

32 Weeks

Boy this last week and some change has been busy and tiring to say the least. Between Olivia's First Birthday party, a huge Pioneer Day activity and Ryan's hip surgery life has been... chaotic... to say the least. Amidst all of the running around and sheer chaos I managed to take a half decent picture of myself being pregnant at 32 weeks...

This pregnancy so far has been... work... lots and lots of work. Little Evelyn is just as active as Olivia was but her kicks are much MUCH more painful. So painful in fact that when I told my Doctor at my last visit some of the pains and pressure I was having (at 31 weeks) he decided it would be a good idea just to make sure everything was still intact and where it should be. After a quick check up he said "Well you are not dilating and she has not dropped yet so that is good news but the bad news is there isnt much we can do about the pain and pressure other than just having you try to stay off of your feet as much as you can."

Now that a large chunk of planned events are taken care of spending a little more time off of my feet is a little more reasonable. Thank GOODNESS!!!

Tomorrow will be 33 weeks and my next check up is on the 30th... the last little bit will be over in the blink of an eye. Yikes!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Playing Catch Up...

Here are those 11 Month pictures of Olivia I promised a few weeks ago... Our little LivieBug is getting sooo big!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Well Well Well... Was I Right Or What?!

Remember this post?!

I was on Craigslist the other day and found (in the FREE section) this antique mahogany leather top side table as well as this antique full size bed frame.

Granted they are both in a need of a little TLC but once we touch up the side table and paint the bed frame a really nice antique white you would never know that I found them for FREE off of Craigslist!

So if you are wanting to score a good deal... check out Craigslist... people are just aching to get rid of their stuff!!! You might just score something this cool ... with a price tag to match! :)


Some Times You Just Gotta Share!!!

I found this website that I have TOTALLY FALLEN IN LOVE WITH!!!

(click the link above to check it out for yourself)

It is super handy, well organized... and best yet... FREE!!! What is it?! It is an online recipe box for all of your favorite recipes! You can store your recipes in your free account... snag recipes you like from blogs or other web sites and even share and snag recipes from other members!

There are two ways of inputting your recipes into your own little recipe box... you can type them in by hand OR Save their Browser Button and snag the recipe right from the site you are visiting! The Firefox browser button was broken for awhile and I had to copy and paste my fave recipes from my computer to my account and it is super easy... so inputting by hand isnt nearly as dreadful as I was anticipating. You also have the option to share or keep your recipes to yourself... like my secret enchiladas recipe... he he he.

My favorite part however... is you can select what recipes you would like to make that week and Plummelo will spit you out a GROCERY LIST!!! I have been making a menu by hand and then trying to figure out what I will need for those recipes ... it s a great way to save money and not to spoil food... but this is SOOO much easier!

Hope you all love it as much as I do ... I cannot wait to use the grocery shopping list function... only one week left till I have to go shopping again. I am actually excited about setting up my shopping list!

Let me know if you have checked it out and what you think of it?!

Does anyone else have a fun interesting web site they found and just CANNOT keep to themselves?! Im intrigued to find more!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Lookin For A Good Deal?! Found It!!

Many of you know that I LOVE Craigslist. I watch it frequently for good deals and comparable prices to things I am planning on selling.

I have recently noticed a trend that I thought would be helpful to pass along... NO ONE IS BUYING!!! Well as this is kind of a let down for those of us who are desperately trying to selling a few pieces on the site it is GREAT NEWS for those of you who are looking to score some fun things or necessities at a very low price and a negotiable one at that!

If you have never been to Craigslist, or are still really green to the experience, it is very easy and fairly self explanatory. You simply head to , find your state, select your city (or closest one to you on the list) and finally find the category you are wanting to shop such as Furniture, free, household ect. You also have the option to search for items in a specific category, which is nice if you are scouting out and following certain things. If I am in need of an item... like a double stroller... I will scout out the listings for weeks and bookmark the ones I like... if you see the items not selling or continually dropping in price... then you know asking for a lower price is something that the seller is willing to consider!

Right now is DEFINITELY a buyers market on Craigslist... stuff just isnt selling and buyers really want to get rid of their things.

If you EVER have any questions about Craigslist... let me know... I am on it a few times a day so I am very familiar to shopping and selling. Also you would be surprised what you can find on Craigslist... so dont disregard it because you think that you are looking for something that is too specific... you just might find it!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!!


The whole family posing for a photo opt... we had to though... this is Olivia's First 4th of July!

Olivia was not a big fan of the loud bangs from the fireworks but still handled them like a champ... nothing that cuddling with mommy couldnt fix!

Daddy pointing out all of the sparkly fireworks... she sure liked all of the glitter!

This is my favorite picture from the evening! He is such a good daddy!

Daddy and Olivia watching the Grand Finale!

We celebrated our 4th of July on the 3rd by attending our local fireworks show here in town... for such a small town it was rather impressive. Our REAL 4th of July was spent at home together as a family and out of the heat! With Ryan working days this 4th of July weekend it kind of put a damper on doing a whole lot but... what we did do was perfect for us. You cant ask for more than family, fun and fireworks! :)

Happy 4th of July everyone... hope yours was safe, fun and full of lots of fun glittery explosions!! Don't forget through all of the fun and food what this holiday was based upon... not just a random day in the middle of the summer... but a day to remember and appreciate our freedoms!


Friday, July 2, 2010

From a Big Girl Sippy Cup to Her New Big Girl Car Seat!!!

That is right... our little LivieBug is getting sooo big! Just shy of her 1st birthday she is big enough, and mommy feels it is safe enough, to put her in her super cool big girl car seat! Doesnt she look Stylish?!

Olivia in her new super awesome big girl car seat!

Livie testing out the sleepability of her new car seat... it passed the test!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

29 Weeks... And Still On My Feet...

29 weeks

Well I realized a few days ago that I havent been the best at taking pictures and posting them of me during this pregnancy... sorry mom and dad.

So here are a few pictures that have been taken over the last few weeks or so...

Getting ready for the day... now that is a big belly!

Some R&R time with Zoe @ 28 weeks

Out front of the Palmyra Temple @ 27 weeks

So far this pregnancy has been the epitome of exhausting... but then again this time around I have a baby that I am chasing around where as before my biggest concern was chasing after Zoe.

My next 4week appointment is tomorrow morning and I will find out my weight and hear the heartbeat as well as any other updates that they might have to share.

I personally am getting to the point where I dont know what I want more... to not be pregnant anymore or to have more time just having one little baby to take care of. As the due date gets closer my anxiety of soon having to chase two little ones around increases exponentially. Nervousness aside I am still incredibly excited to meet our new little bundle of joy as well as give Olivia a playmate... other than Zoe.