Saturday, January 30, 2010


Here is my little LivieBug's 6 month pictures and a SUPER cute video of her...

Olivia VS The Tissue Paper

Little Miss Olivia Mae The Giggle Queen

Well this is Olivia's Six Months stats:

  • 15.6 lbs
  • 75% for height (26 inches) and head circumferences
  • Putting sounds together like "th", "da" and many many raspberries!
  • She has not started crawling YET but rolls all over and very fast!
  • Olivia now sits up all on her own and sits in the shopping cart without her car seat
  • Her favorite things to play with are anything with buttons, lights and shiny parts on it... aside from her fascination with electronics she is madly in love with her play piano, bunny and any body part of Zoe... nose, ears, pretty much anything she can hang on to.
  • She has a very sweet personality and loves showing affection! She gives a big smile and grabs your face then buries her head in your neck... very sweet!

Update on Recent Events

Ok... so since my week of mishap after mishap things have been really good!

Ryan and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary!

Ryan took me out to our favorite restaurant ... the only good mexican place out here. After dinner was a movie, Avatar. Yes. We saw Avatar for our Anniversary but it was an amazing movie and will plan on owning it when it comes out on blue ray! This was all made possible BABY FREE!!! I love Olivia to pieces but... a night out with JUST the man of my dreams is needed from time to time!

Ryan has been up to a lot lately as well... see photo above. No she is not drinking it, thank goodness... just to clarify it isnt even open yet but my Mt Dew addicted husband wanted to get a good laugh and a laugh is what we both got.

With Ryan's rotating shift work it is hard to be consistent but one of the benefits of Swings (our most hated schedule of them all) is we get to loaf around together as a family and Olivia gets to wake up every morning with her Daddy... They are in fact watching saturday morning cartoons.

Olivia and her favorite pal in the whole wide world... Zoe.

The cutest baby butt ever and her darling ballerina socks! Thanks Christina!!

Speaking of butts... this is what I found today when I went to wake up Olivia from her nap.

Things in our house have been going really well... lots of fun, a lot of relaxing and soaking up our quality family time!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This week has been... interesting...

So lately my life seems to be a chain or randomly placed unfortunate events...

The week starts off with Friday of last week...

Friday: Had an issue with my car the night before and my car was now incredible difficult to get in and out of seeing as how the locking mechanism decided it didnt want to work in the -2 degree weather... lovely. Call Nissan to see if they can fix my door lock and they cannot get me in until next week... excellent... an entire weekend sitting at home while Ryan is at work during the day... lame.

Saturday: Sat at home all day due to techinical difficulties with the stupid lock... only to find out later in the day... IT WAS WORKING JUST FINE! Ripped a big gaping hole in the seat of my jeans... post pregnancy weight still makes getting into all of my other jeans impossible so now I am down to only one pair of jeans...scratch that... PANTS that I can wear... awesome! All this with a cranky teething 5 month old who is struggling to be content in any position because her gums hurt so bad... in comes the head ache from the stress.

Sunday: Left church early because I forgot Olivias Tylenol at home and she was starting to melt down... lucky me she slept a lot so I got a break, finally.

Monday: The day started off great... Olivia seemed to feel a little better and took a few good naps, thankfully... then went to pick up a coffee table that we planned on buying (we sold our old one because it was a metal frame with slate tiles in it, not exactly the most safe thing for a baby to learn to walk around) only to find out after numerous emails back and forth that the guy sold it earlier in the morning to someone else... I have to mention that we had pulled up in the guys driveway when I got the email on my phone... awesome.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (today) Ryan has been gone/busy all evening after work... so I have been ooober bored and have only seen him for small increments at a time.

Do you ever have weeks like this?!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Annual List of New Years Resolutions

At one point in my life I would religiously write down my New Years Resolutions and like most everyone I would scratch it as a loss and continue on my merry little way.

W E L L . . .

This year is different! It is a new year, a new decade and ... things have changed!

So here is my list of "Things To Accomplish in 2010!"

  1. Work out for at least 15 min a day, 3x a week
  2. Be more proactive and consistent with Family Home Evening
  3. Eat healthier by planning out and making lower calorie meals
  4. Getting out and doing at least one outdoor activity a month ie camping, hiking...
  5. Accumulating 1000.00 for Olivia's college fund and investing it.
So what are some of the resolutions you have made for the new year?