Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update on Recent Events

Ok... so since my week of mishap after mishap things have been really good!

Ryan and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary!

Ryan took me out to our favorite restaurant ... the only good mexican place out here. After dinner was a movie, Avatar. Yes. We saw Avatar for our Anniversary but it was an amazing movie and will plan on owning it when it comes out on blue ray! This was all made possible BABY FREE!!! I love Olivia to pieces but... a night out with JUST the man of my dreams is needed from time to time!

Ryan has been up to a lot lately as well... see photo above. No she is not drinking it, thank goodness... just to clarify it isnt even open yet but my Mt Dew addicted husband wanted to get a good laugh and a laugh is what we both got.

With Ryan's rotating shift work it is hard to be consistent but one of the benefits of Swings (our most hated schedule of them all) is we get to loaf around together as a family and Olivia gets to wake up every morning with her Daddy... They are in fact watching saturday morning cartoons.

Olivia and her favorite pal in the whole wide world... Zoe.

The cutest baby butt ever and her darling ballerina socks! Thanks Christina!!

Speaking of butts... this is what I found today when I went to wake up Olivia from her nap.

Things in our house have been going really well... lots of fun, a lot of relaxing and soaking up our quality family time!


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Em and Ms said...

It does sound like you guys are doing really well! I'm glad you got to go out and celebrate your anniversary. Olivia is just growing so fast and she is so cute and sweet. What a doll!