Sunday, November 28, 2010

Evelyn is 2 months Old!! Where Has The Time Gone?!

Well it is that time again... Another month has flown by and another one is quickly creeping up! I cannot believe Evelyn is over a month old!?! It seems she is growing fast than Olivia did... mild panic attack!

Evelyn has started smiling, cooing and has one heck of a good grip!

Because of the holidays and Ryans change in shift schedule we had to reschedule her 2 month check up so her stats are yet to be announced BUT here are her super adorable pictures! :)

My favorite picture of the bundle!

Hey Guys!!!

 Biggest SMILE of the night!

Evelyn is such a wonderful baby... she sleeps through the night, for the most part, and is easily pacified. She is definitely a daddies girl but sure loves being held by her mommy. There are days where she only wants to be held and other days where she would rather be on the floor on her blanket playing. She has a HUGE smile and graces us with it often. She has started to recognize not only her mommy and daddy but also her sister who LOVES taking care of her! Olivia becomes immediately concerned when her sissy starts to cry and tries to comfort her by sharing her toys... whether that toy is a massive scooter or one of her socks lol.

It is rather interesting to see how two little girls... so close can be so different but so similar. I cannot wait to see what more the future holds for Evelyn and her big sister Olivia! :)


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween, Chili CookOff & Trunk or Treat

This years Chili Cook Off & Trunk or Treat activity was a HUGE success! We had a massive turnout... Im guessing around 250 people, maybe even more, were there. We had three large long tables crowded with pots of chili and plates of bread and not a bowlful was left over at the end!

This year Ryan and I dressed up as a Cowboy and a Cowgirl...

 Like my "Welcome to the Country Music Awards" Hair?!

Evelyn was a Pea in a Pod...
  ...and Olivia was a little ladybug 

Arent they adorable?!

Aside from super cute costumes on super cute kiddos we also had some awesome decorations to go along with our awesome turnout..

Ryan was in charge of creating the amazing and massive spider web that took up the entire ceiling! He really out did him self!!

Our plethora of chili pots... as far as the eye can see!

The awards for Best Bread (Miss Crocker),  Hottest Chili (Habanero Hottie) & Best Chili (Best Darn Chili) as well as Best Trunk (Best Junk in the Trunk)!

The LONG line of cars... our whole parking lot was full... plus a few places on the grass.

Our 2010 Best Trunk!
I am so glad I was able to organize and throw this activity and normally I would be glad that it was over but I am kind of sad to see it go. It was a wonderful Chili Cook Off & Trunk or Treat... I couldn't have asked for a better outcome!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Double Stroller = One Of The Greatest Days Of My Life!

So recently my Mother In Law offered to buy us a Double Stroller as a gift... and today was the day we got it in the mail! It was like Christmas at our house and I felt like a little kid again tearing into this massive box that was so wonderfully placed at our front door. I have received some wonderful gifts in my life but this one... easily sits at the top for sooo many reasons...biggest reason... FREEDOM!!! I can now leave the house while my hubby is at work and NOT squeeze my two little ones into the single stroller. My baby wrap has been a huge saving grace with the single stroller and two little girls BUT unfortunately I cant always depend on my wrap when out and about... shopping for new clothes was VERY difficult and a sight to be seen haha.

 Our MASSIVE present!!

 My overly curious daughter checkin it out
 Our first test ride...
 After all was said and done... this is what kept her occupied for a least an hour... simple pleasures!