Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sound The Alarm...

Let everyone know that Gossip Girl is back... and all of my other favorite shows!!!

My good friend Amanda & I are having a small get together tomorrow to ring in the new Gossip Girl season. Silly I know but really I have been craving new episodes for months and my chance is finally here!

The much anticipated second season is finally here...

I have been tagged... kind of...

Blast From The Past Tag!!!

As a request from Amanda I have visited the much anticipated web site and grabbed hold of some rather interesting pictures... here they are:

What do you think?! Do you think I could have lived in another decade? What is your favorite decade picture of me?










Here is what you do...
  • visit this site:
  • Choose (at least) one picture from each decade
  • Paste into a new post and choose 3 friends to tag.

I tag Emily, Kelsey & Missy!!! YAY... Have fun with it I know I did! :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting More Done Around The Wolsey House

Life has been a little on the ... productive side (we'll be optimistic today) lately. The other day we had the missionaries over for dinner, by their request, and in trade for food they ripped down our already mangled porch.

I started tearing apart the porch but little ol me can only do so much for so long so three big strong men tackled what I did and some in about the same amount of time.



I have also been busy taking layers and layers of colorful paint off of our 70+ year old trim. So far I have found White, Pale Yellow, Tan, Green, Pink and a Grayish Lavender.... lovely I know.

My garden also is starting to look more intentional... I have been splitting and transplanting like crazy trying to fill in bald spots and what not.

Here are my Bachelors Buttons... I am rather impressed that they turned out so well. I am going to have to get more for next year!

Today's Agenda

  • Finish taking off decades of paint from trim... yippee!
  • Take down that heinous flower border in the living room.
  • Clean up mess from the porch removal.
  • Dishes (as usual... did I mention I really hate doing dishes?!)
  • Work Out... finally.

Blah... well I better get to work or I will be at it all day and night. What all do you have to do today?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oober Easy Beef Stroganoff!

I was watching some TV and saw a commercial that showed a glimpse of some pasta. I began to crave pasta but we had already had a typical pasta( noodles, traditional pasta sauce with some hamburger... nothing special) for lunch and I wanted something different.

I've never made Beef Stroganoff before... not even from a mix. I have a few bad memories from food as a kid because my mother, not the greatest cook in the world bless her heart, would make foods like Swedish Meat Balls and Beef Stroganoff from powder mixes and they would taste terrible so I have this hatred for certain foods now.

As I am putting this concoction together I realize it is Beef Stroganoff... Ryan was ecstatic because he loves cheap foods, as I call them, like macaroni & cheese and corned beef & cabbage.

The end result was awesome and I wish I had taken a picture but by the time I thought about it the food had already been devoured... it was that good.

Here is my super easy Beef Stroganoff recipe:

  • 1 Family size can of Cream of Mushroom soup
  • 2 lbs. Hamburger meat, browned and seasoned with dried onion
  • 1 16 oz. box of you favorite noodles

Boil noodles and set aside. I spray them with cooking spray so they dont turn into a large lump and then run a little bit of cool water on them so they do not turn into mush.

In a sauce pan pour in all of Cream of Mushroom soup mix and add water till it reaches the consistancy you would like, I added about 3/4 c to 1 c.

Add browned and drained hamburger to sauce mix until nice and warm, becareful not to scorce the sauce.

Add noodles to a bowl followed by sauce, stir, serve & enjoy!

Feeds aprox. 4 -6 people. Takes about 15 - 20 min to prepare and cook.

Try it and tell me what you think? Do you have an oober easy recipe you would like to share... I could use one or a few!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

4 Things About Me...

4 things I like about my husband ....
1) He is a hopeless romantic... just so sweet!
2) his random acts of sweeping me off my feet... he just grabs me and starts slow dancing with me... just anywhere...
3) He can tell when I am putting up a front and how to gently break it down.
4) He such a hard worker... I couldn't have asked for more!

4 movies I would watch more than once...
1) Just Friends, Mine & Ryans fave!
2) Because I Said So
3) Get Smart... AWESOME!!!!
4) Batman, The Dark Knight... amazing... flat out amazing!

4 TV shows I watch....
1) I have a minor... minor obsession with Gossip Girl
2) Heroes
3) Project Runway
4) Life... just fantabulous! Seriously... it is very worth watching!

4 places I have been...
1) Boston
2) San Diego, sealed to Ryan in the SD temple
3) Nauvoo
4) Cape Cod... definetly worth the trip!

4 places I would like to go...
1) Home... i miss home.
2) GREECE! I would love to go there on a be-lated honey moon... hint hint!!!
3) Bora Bora... Mmmm exotic! I could totally handle being a beachy girl!
4) Europe ( I am with you on this one Rachel)

4 People who email me regularly....
1) My Pa Pa
2) Megan
3) Jess
4) Rachael

4 things I like to eat....
1) Chicken Enchiladas
2) Steak
3) Genuine Dill Pickles... I am very picky...
4) Fresh picked fruit!!! Yummm.

4 things I'm looking forward to in the coming year...
1) Getting the house looking like a ... well... house!
2) Planning more ward activities... very exciting!
3) Football season. Go Seahawks!!! WOO HOO!
4) makin money!

4 people I tag
1) Emily
2) Bridgette
3) Melinda
4) Nicole

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ward Party Flyer

All most done with the advertising portion of it all...

I finished the fliers in record time... here is the rough draft... tell me what you guys think?

My First Ward Activity!!!

So I have finally started planning and taking action for my First Ward Activity. As many of you know I am the Ward Activies Cordinator... very exciting I must say.

Here is my plan of attack:

Ward Tail Gate Party
Ward Tail Gate Party
Ward Tail Gate Party

Party includes...
Ultimate Frisbee
Sidewalk Chalk Games (ie 4 square & hopscotch)
Sidewalk Chalk Art Show
3 Legged Race

Watching the BYU Football Game!!!!

Here is my rough draft of the poster for the foyer:

Here is the Finished Product! What do you think? Did I make it look like a real truck?

I am pretty excited about being in charge of this and I really hope that I get a good turn out. I am crossing my fingers that the concept of having awards and a BYU football game will bring in a good crowd.

Any words of wisdom for me?!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Project Runway... Fit For A Queen

Anchors Away!!!

Project Runway is one of my favorite reality/competition TV shows. I love the suspense of not knowing what an outfit will look like until the reveal on the runway.

Not only am I a fan of the 'out of the box' designs and the wacky designers themselves but I LOVE Heidi Klum... maybe it is the fact that she is German and still has the cutest accent ever or maybe it is the fact that I wouldn't mind looking like her but she is so refreshing to watch. I find her honest and upbeat at the same time, which is getting harder and harder to find these days.

As Ryan and I sat down to watch out TiVo'd episode we were rooting for Daniel to finally get the boot. To our surprise the challenge was on designing Drag Queen costums! Interesting... I thought to myself. But being rather conservative in that manner I was pleasently surprised at how the costumes turned out! I found myself really getting into the glittery and over the top outfits.

My favorite outfit was also the winning outfit! I am not going to lead you astray... I was totally weirded out that those busty ladies I was looking at were not ... well... ladies. The winning model/drag queen actually caught both me and Ryan off guard because she/he had a rather nice rearend and she/he was not one to hid that fact as she flirtingly turned around to show it off for the judges.

The fun bubble gum pink sailor outfit was a hit... now if only I could get my hands on one of those. lol... he he he. Oh and did I mention that the, not so little, Nautical Queen even came with her own bang extentions... I want some! Then I could grow my bangs out and have them just clip in if I want bangs that day. Now that is one prepared Drag Queen. lol. What is this crazy world coming to.

All in all it was a really fun episod... wierd... but still fun and Daniel did get the boot.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Little Secret...

The cat is OUT of the bag...

Here is where I watch all of the shows that not even my handy dandy TiVo has recorded...

You can check out just about any show and just about every episode! They even have movies so dig in and catch up! :)

(BTW if you want to avoid weird adds... make sure to maximize the video so you dont have to sit and look at the obnoxious adds that are on most of the sites.)

My new favorite obsession...

I have minor obsession with the TV show Gossip Girl... lame I know, but none the less I love watching the drama I missed out in High School.

Anyhow I have finally found a song from the show that I have been craving because of its allusive beat and amazing vocals. The band is The Pierces... which is a smaller coffee house style band out here in NY to check out their page follow the link. Their song Three Wishes is really beautiful and just amazing. Look it up and tell me what you all think?

Here is a montage clip from the show with the song:

View at your own risk... you might just get addicted too! lol

What songs are you having a hard time getting enough of at the moment? If I like it I will add it to my play list so I can struggle getting enough of it. lol. Have fun dancing in your chairs!!! :)


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Have I Ever Mentioned That I Love My Husband?!

He is so good to me!


I hope we will always be this discustingly cute... that is one of my goals in my marriage... to never be shy about my love for my eternal companion.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Todays Events...

Happy Monday Everyone!

What A Good Day...

Today we got a lot done...

Laundry, which is always a time consuming event.

Mending clothing.. buttons and what not.

Dishes, I have the greatest dishwasher ever... I love my Bosch!

Feeding the missionaries. We had breakfast for dinner, by request.

Reinstalling software and drivers onto the computer, stupid computer!

Helping friends out with day to day crisis... that is what friends are for :)

Cleaning up house... and re-cleaning the house after missionaries leave.

Ah... the feeling of getting done what needs to get done... tomorrow will be much more strenuous.

Hope everyones Monday is going well... hope the rest of your week is SPECTACULAR!!!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dear Dad... Happy Birthday!

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! !

I would like to start out by Introducing you all to my dad. My father has many sides here are just a few....

He is what I would call "Vertically Challenged" for only one reason other than it being funny... we are the same height!

He is a H U G E goofball...

He is a big family person... Loyal, honest and hardworking... speaking of hardworking...

He is a magician with his hands when it comes to construction...

Here is one of the many MANY things he has built... Impressive isnt it?!

Did I mention he is special... VERY SPECIAL....

Speaking of handicapped... My dad is an AVID golfer... if only it where this easy!

My dad has a really good sense of humor... I think... Well I find him very funny...!

He loves his 'Star Trek' I would even go as far as calling him a "trek-e"!

He is as strong as an Ox... or maybe the little guy on the end...

He is hansome (Here is my Dad on his third birthday) Adorable I know!

All in all my dad is pretty amazing... he has been my best friend and a strong wonderful father. So here is to you Pa pa... from the Empire State...


Your little princess & "Sweet Heart"

We both love you very much!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Our Finished Project!

Well my ceiling fan project is finally done and here is some proof! What do you think?! Did we do good or what? I think it looks like it is brand new... and all for the cost of a can of spray paint and some painters tape. Yay for being frugal!



Setting it up:


So what do you guys think? Did we do alright?!

Todays Events!

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to say that I finally tackled one of the flower beds. I know it is the end of summer but it has rained so much here that getting a decent amount of time outside without getting dumped on has been a big challenge for about a month and some change. BLAH! Anyhow. I did some transplanting of some local flowers, I originally thought they were weeds... lol, they have really pretty flowers on them so that make me happy! I pulled weeds like a banshee and put the last coat of spray paint on the ceiling fan. Here is my progress.

These pictures are of the finished side and well... unfinished side of the front flower beds. As you can tell the left side flower bed is a little in need of some TLC. Although the garden is not all that easy on the eyes it is much better than what it was when we moved in.

Here are pictures of my transplants... some iris' and local flowers that I do not know the name of.

Here are the fan blades for the ceiling fan we are refurbishing. The side we are switching it to is the dark cherry finish ... not the 80's oak!

My work in progress. Here is the motor to the ceiling fan... I am almost done with it. I will take some more pictures for you guys once I put it all together and Ryan hooks it all up. I leave the electrical up to him. I am not about to get shocked!

Next to tackle is painting the interior of the house! WOO HOO!

Tell me what you think?! Any suggestions for the garden?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

YAY I Did It!!!

I was getting bored with my old page background. I swear I change my mind about my blog background as often as I change my clothes.

I found a fun and dainty background at this wonderful site:

I took some awesome advice from Bridgette and conquered the HTML lingo. I have always been pretty good with HTML but was just so tired last time that I didn't want to have to decode the HTML.

As for my day I have gotten a good share of things done so far.

Woke up... watched some of the Olympics. We have TiVo... the GREATEST INVENTION EVER! I have been able to watch any of the events I would like such as... soccer, gymnastics, softball, boxing, womens b-ball... I have come to the knowledge that what I have watched in the past 25 some years of my life of the Olympics was only a scratch on the surface due to obvious time constraints on TV.

Here is the current medal count:

Medal Standings Total
1 ChinaCHN 13 3 4 20
2 United StatesUSA 7 7 8 22
3 KoreaKOR 5 6 1 12
4 GermanyGER 4 1 1 6
5 ItalyITA 3 4 2 9

I just LOVE watching the Olympics. At one point in my life I wanted to be an Olympic Gymnast ... a little out of shape and past my expiration date for that I don't mind marveling in the complexity of those who can do what I cannot.

I was especially touched by the story of once Soviet now German Olympic athlete who moved to Germany because of medical needs for her son who has leukemia. Now 33 years old she is back at the Olympics... to me that is amazing.

The rest of my day has been a busy one... cleaning, doing dishes, sifting laundry, making birthday cards (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!) and heading to the hardware store.

I LOVE the hardware store. Nerdy I know but I get to marvel in my imagination of the things I can make with the array of fun things that adorn the shelves.

I have decided that the ceiling fan that the owners before us left is not my idea of 'up to date' and instead of buying a new one I bought a can of brushed nickel spray paint. I am just going to turn the fan blades around, to the darker wood print, and spray the brassy colored metal to a newly brushed nickel color and TAA DAA... a new fan! I promise pictures are in the making!

What have you done recently that makes you feel Handy Dandy?! What is your favorite Olympic Sport?