Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Our Finished Project!

Well my ceiling fan project is finally done and here is some proof! What do you think?! Did we do good or what? I think it looks like it is brand new... and all for the cost of a can of spray paint and some painters tape. Yay for being frugal!



Setting it up:


So what do you guys think? Did we do alright?!


Jes, Janessa & Jackson said...

it looks great!!

Kelsey said...

It looks awesome! Way to spruce it up for low cost.

Em and Ms said...

You guys did a great job! It really looks so good. I was just telling Matt about it...if only we could do something about the green fan blades on the one in our house...:)

I stinketh not!! said...

WOW, great job you two. Jas and I can't work together without fighting... oh its going to be a LONG year:)