Friday, August 22, 2008

My First Ward Activity!!!

So I have finally started planning and taking action for my First Ward Activity. As many of you know I am the Ward Activies Cordinator... very exciting I must say.

Here is my plan of attack:

Ward Tail Gate Party
Ward Tail Gate Party
Ward Tail Gate Party

Party includes...
Ultimate Frisbee
Sidewalk Chalk Games (ie 4 square & hopscotch)
Sidewalk Chalk Art Show
3 Legged Race

Watching the BYU Football Game!!!!

Here is my rough draft of the poster for the foyer:

Here is the Finished Product! What do you think? Did I make it look like a real truck?

I am pretty excited about being in charge of this and I really hope that I get a good turn out. I am crossing my fingers that the concept of having awards and a BYU football game will bring in a good crowd.

Any words of wisdom for me?!



Catherine said...

mt only words of wisdom are don't get hurt if people can't come... of course they WANT to but sometimes life gets in the is no reflection of the event you put on

Riggs Familia said...

I think it's a great idea. I hope it turns out well. I know you'll do a great job.

I stinketh not!! said...

How are we going to be getting the game at church :0 i'm ( as you say) Oober excited to go to the tail gate party. Oh BTW, I have a ride on sat.