Monday, August 18, 2008

Todays Events...

Happy Monday Everyone!

What A Good Day...

Today we got a lot done...

Laundry, which is always a time consuming event.

Mending clothing.. buttons and what not.

Dishes, I have the greatest dishwasher ever... I love my Bosch!

Feeding the missionaries. We had breakfast for dinner, by request.

Reinstalling software and drivers onto the computer, stupid computer!

Helping friends out with day to day crisis... that is what friends are for :)

Cleaning up house... and re-cleaning the house after missionaries leave.

Ah... the feeling of getting done what needs to get done... tomorrow will be much more strenuous.

Hope everyones Monday is going well... hope the rest of your week is SPECTACULAR!!!



Amanda said...

Busy day! I like how you are excited by the little things... like a good dishwasher, lol. You are turning into quite the domestic goddess!

Amanda said...

That is pretty amazing. It always bugs me when you have to pretty much wash your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Might as well not have a dishwasher...
My job so far seems awesome. I think I'm a little too excited over it. It's just a part time thing, but everyone is really laid back and the bosses say they want us to feel like the people we work with are our second family. They throw all sorts of get-togethers.
I only went to the orientation and haven't actually worked per say, but so far I feel good about it. :)
Thanks for asking!

*Andrea* said...

I love staying busy too. Your blog is awesome and I'm glad you guys are great. New York Huh... I bet ya that's alot different than WA. I lived in Connecticut for a while. It was beautiful! But I'm glad I'm back home.

I stinketh not!! said...

You are the best! In all you do :) Love ya, Oh and thanks for being that friend.