Tuesday, August 12, 2008

YAY I Did It!!!

I was getting bored with my old page background. I swear I change my mind about my blog background as often as I change my clothes.

I found a fun and dainty background at this wonderful site:

I took some awesome advice from Bridgette and conquered the HTML lingo. I have always been pretty good with HTML but was just so tired last time that I didn't want to have to decode the HTML.

As for my day I have gotten a good share of things done so far.

Woke up... watched some of the Olympics. We have TiVo... the GREATEST INVENTION EVER! I have been able to watch any of the events I would like such as... soccer, gymnastics, softball, boxing, womens b-ball... I have come to the knowledge that what I have watched in the past 25 some years of my life of the Olympics was only a scratch on the surface due to obvious time constraints on TV.

Here is the current medal count:

Medal Standings Total
1 ChinaCHN 13 3 4 20
2 United StatesUSA 7 7 8 22
3 KoreaKOR 5 6 1 12
4 GermanyGER 4 1 1 6
5 ItalyITA 3 4 2 9

I just LOVE watching the Olympics. At one point in my life I wanted to be an Olympic Gymnast ... a little out of shape and past my expiration date for that I don't mind marveling in the complexity of those who can do what I cannot.

I was especially touched by the story of once Soviet now German Olympic athlete who moved to Germany because of medical needs for her son who has leukemia. Now 33 years old she is back at the Olympics... to me that is amazing.

The rest of my day has been a busy one... cleaning, doing dishes, sifting laundry, making birthday cards (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!) and heading to the hardware store.

I LOVE the hardware store. Nerdy I know but I get to marvel in my imagination of the things I can make with the array of fun things that adorn the shelves.

I have decided that the ceiling fan that the owners before us left is not my idea of 'up to date' and instead of buying a new one I bought a can of brushed nickel spray paint. I am just going to turn the fan blades around, to the darker wood print, and spray the brassy colored metal to a newly brushed nickel color and TAA DAA... a new fan! I promise pictures are in the making!

What have you done recently that makes you feel Handy Dandy?! What is your favorite Olympic Sport?


Em and Ms said...

Looks great Danielle! I've been loving the Olympics too, but unfortunately we don't have Tivo. That has meant a lot of late nights and little sleep since we want to stay up and watch. It bugs me that NBC doesn't play more of the Olympics during the day. Only a couple hours and then it's soap operas. I'd personally much rather watch the Olympics!

Kelsey said...

I've always loved watching the gymnastics but this year I'm more into the swimming. I wouldn't call it handy but I would call it crafty- I put together a quilt today. It's about half way done. I'm excited about it. :)

Catherine said...

beach volleyball.. I don't care if its womens or men's. If you ever tried to run in the sand you know those people are in seriously great shape... and they aren't hard to look at either... the fact that they can pull some of that stuff off is AMAZING! as for handy dandy... we made some really cool closets for our rental house... love them!.. now I have storage!

I stinketh not!! said...

Hey I really like the new page.. Miss ya