Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting More Done Around The Wolsey House

Life has been a little on the ... productive side (we'll be optimistic today) lately. The other day we had the missionaries over for dinner, by their request, and in trade for food they ripped down our already mangled porch.

I started tearing apart the porch but little ol me can only do so much for so long so three big strong men tackled what I did and some in about the same amount of time.



I have also been busy taking layers and layers of colorful paint off of our 70+ year old trim. So far I have found White, Pale Yellow, Tan, Green, Pink and a Grayish Lavender.... lovely I know.

My garden also is starting to look more intentional... I have been splitting and transplanting like crazy trying to fill in bald spots and what not.

Here are my Bachelors Buttons... I am rather impressed that they turned out so well. I am going to have to get more for next year!

Today's Agenda

  • Finish taking off decades of paint from trim... yippee!
  • Take down that heinous flower border in the living room.
  • Clean up mess from the porch removal.
  • Dishes (as usual... did I mention I really hate doing dishes?!)
  • Work Out... finally.

Blah... well I better get to work or I will be at it all day and night. What all do you have to do today?


Rachel said...

Cool! I want a garden. Unfortunately, in Pullman it is like winter 90% of the time so i don't think it would work out so well.

Em and Ms said...

Wow, it does look like you guys are being productive, even though I'm sure it doesn't feel like it. It's always nice when something gets completely done, then you really feel like you accomplished something instead of just making bigger messes :) We've got a lot of the same--a list a mile long of house projects. In fact we just spent the last couple hours at WalMart and Lowes buying supplies. Now we have to get to work! Oh, but later we're watching the BYU game as I think you are too! Let us know how your ward party goes. Then we're going on a date tonight. Yippee!