Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Todays Events!

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to say that I finally tackled one of the flower beds. I know it is the end of summer but it has rained so much here that getting a decent amount of time outside without getting dumped on has been a big challenge for about a month and some change. BLAH! Anyhow. I did some transplanting of some local flowers, I originally thought they were weeds... lol, they have really pretty flowers on them so that make me happy! I pulled weeds like a banshee and put the last coat of spray paint on the ceiling fan. Here is my progress.

These pictures are of the finished side and well... unfinished side of the front flower beds. As you can tell the left side flower bed is a little in need of some TLC. Although the garden is not all that easy on the eyes it is much better than what it was when we moved in.

Here are pictures of my transplants... some iris' and local flowers that I do not know the name of.

Here are the fan blades for the ceiling fan we are refurbishing. The side we are switching it to is the dark cherry finish ... not the 80's oak!

My work in progress. Here is the motor to the ceiling fan... I am almost done with it. I will take some more pictures for you guys once I put it all together and Ryan hooks it all up. I leave the electrical up to him. I am not about to get shocked!

Next to tackle is painting the interior of the house! WOO HOO!

Tell me what you think?! Any suggestions for the garden?


nikki_ty said...

Cute blog! Good job!

And your flower beds look good. I would put a tall something in the back corner of the garden. I don't know what zone you are, so some of these might not work. But Japanese maples, flowering/weeping cherry, a butterfly bush, lilac bush, roses, something along those lines would look good.

And the fan looks like it will be awesome too!

Del Bianco Family said...

Ok- So you definately look super busy!! Way cute blog. What a cute home you have too. Looks like you are really happy.