Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My new favorite obsession...

I have minor obsession with the TV show Gossip Girl... lame I know, but none the less I love watching the drama I missed out in High School.

Anyhow I have finally found a song from the show that I have been craving because of its allusive beat and amazing vocals. The band is The Pierces... which is a smaller coffee house style band out here in NY to check out their page follow the link. Their song Three Wishes is really beautiful and just amazing. Look it up and tell me what you all think?

Here is a montage clip from the show with the song:

View at your own risk... you might just get addicted too! lol

What songs are you having a hard time getting enough of at the moment? If I like it I will add it to my play list so I can struggle getting enough of it. lol. Have fun dancing in your chairs!!! :)



Rachel said...

I just recently discovered Gossip Girl and watched the first season in, oh, about 3 days :) I love it.

Catherine said...

ok so TV watching doesn't occur much in my life but I kinda got the jist of the show... last week i watched a rerun.. where S like to him about sleeping with someone else because she can't tell him that she actually killed someone.. (not really he just od'd) There was an old friend of Serinas named Georgina/ old was this show... and are they back together now?

Amanda said...

I love it too! I'm currently on the 5th episode.