Saturday, August 2, 2008

A couple of new first for us...

Ryan and I continue to have "firsts" in our relationship which I think is so much fun. Within the last few months we have had some pretty fun "firsts".

  • First time purchasing a home.
  • First cross country road trip together, we have both driven cross country individually though.
  • First time giving service together. We volunteered to help out with the Youth Conference that is being held this weekend and spent all day long yesterday shuttling you to a fro and helped out with yesterdays service project. We pulled weeds out at a food bank farm.
  • First time in a Drive In moving together. First time Ryan had EVER been to a Drive In movie.
Some of our soon to be "Firsts" will be:

  • First time camping together... one can hope with his scedule.
  • First snowboarding trip together. You cant really call it a snowboarding trip since we live 10 min for a ski resort. lol. Ryan has never been skiing or snowboarding. I told him I would teach him the ins and outs of it all this season.
  • First time having a baby... once again... hopefully sooner than later with this one. I have learned that you can only do so much in this department.

Well. As you can see life have been pretty fun lately. We do live in a really nice area and have been blessed with a good ward.


Kelsey said...

Fun post. It's fun to share first together! Wish we were that close to snow!

Amanda said...

No way! Sara is who cut my hair! She totally did an awesome job. That's so weird... Yeah, I'm basically ecstatic.