Monday, August 11, 2008

Back From Boston

Wow... what a day it was for us...

We left at 6:30 in the morning and didn't get home until after 9:30. Needless to say we were exhausted. We helped with Baptisms, did a session and also helped a couple do sealing. I actually ran into Laura and Jordan Geilser's uncle... weird huh?! I was asked by the sealer where Ryan and I were from and we told him and the witness replied with... So am I?! It was fun. We talked for a few min. after the sealings were complete and it was neat to be able to link our friends and family with each other on the other side of the country.

I took a few pictures of the temple for everyone to see. It is sooo much more beautiful in person and is not a little temple. I would say it is just a pinch smaller than Seattle.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

I had to take one of me and the temple...
The temple was AMAZING... It was beautiful on the inside with a phenomonal Celestial room that I would say rivals Nauvoo and Salt Lake. It had 12 amazing Chandeliers with gold crowns ont he top of each of them, which I thought was so fun and symbolic. I whole temple was beautiful and I could not have asked for a better experience than that.

Ryan and I went to the temple with the advisary working overtime on us and the second we stepped on temple grounds we both were peaceful. When we left we were giddy. The couple who asked us for help with family sealings said that we "looked like we had just gotten married because neither one of us could take our eyes off of each other". It is such a blessing being apart of the gospel and wrapping ourselfs around the principles there in.

After the temple we were hungry so we headed to Cracker Barrel for dinner, which if you have never been is an awesome place to eat. There is a small general store in the foyer section of the restuarant with all sorts of goodies. One of the decorations that was on the shelf linging the store was this little display...

If you cannot read it... it says "Pasco Magic"... you better belive I took a picture of it. lol. Ryan actually spotted it but I will tell you what it would have been the highlight of my day if I hadnt just come from the temple. I thought all of my TC friends would want to see this so I took a picture of if just to put on my blog. :)

I have other news as well... we get to do this... on Friday. lol... yep we are taking two other couples with us and maybe checkin out some sights this time... maybe.

Thank you for all of your comments ... I really apriciate it. It is nice to hear all of your responses and kind words!

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I stinketh not!! said...

We need to plan a girls temple trip when I get back. :) miss you!