Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Welcome To Our Little Piece of Technology

Well hello everyone, thank you for stopping by our page. The most recent occurances for Ryan and I are well... a few different things. We found out a few weeks ago that we are expecting a baby, which we are extremely excited about. It took us about a week and a half to make that happen, I am not compaining in the least about that.

I am pretty excited and well, nervous to become a mother. I stress about these sorts of issues, worrying that I am going to be a bad mother even though it is not in my nature to be that way. I have also been worried that it will be a girl... girls grow up to hate their mothers... point in case... not that I 'hate' my mother because it is far from it but we have had our sever ups and downs, there seem to be many many more downs that ups, in our "mother-daughter relationship".

Now why on earth should I be excited to give birth to something that is just going to grow up and despise me... I know what you are thinking... this is all a bit extreme and it is but lets be honest here... women are pretty extreme in their own minds. I should know better than to let my worries get the best of me but hey I was born with a wild and active imagination... and any rendering to that activity hasnt happend yet and shows no signs of slowing down.

On another note! Ryan just recieved official orders for our transfer to New York. I am rather excited that we get the opportunity to do such a thing in our younger years, where we are still a more mobile family, BUT, I will fight this move tooth and nail because of my hatred of the ... cold.

Why can't upstate NY be warm and pleasant? Maybe a little tropical... with cheap real estate and good schools. Now my husband likes snow and him being in the snow is one of his more fond memories... as for me I am my fathers daughter through and through... I hate the cold and more importantly ... snow. It looks great in post cards and I love snowboarding, but I lived in Rexburg Idaho and had my dose and a half of snow for the century. Did you know that Rexburg, Id. is one of the only places in the US that has record snow fall for everyday of the year... imagine snow in august. I am not a fan.

As I ramble on about how much I dislike the snow and cold weather I do want to tell you again... I am excited to move and think that it will be a good experience for me and my family. I will miss my friends and my family but hey... they are only a plane ride away, right?

New York here we come! Baby and all!



Kyle and Lacey said...

Congratulations! That is way exciting news. And welcome to blog world. It will be fun to keep up with you and your happenings.

Antonia said...

Way to go!! I'm very proud of you two!! I personally think you'll have a boy, but that's cause, well, look at the Wolsey's ;o) I can't wait to see belly pictures!! Honestly, this is awesome...and when'd you guys move to NY, Ryan never told me that when I talked to him less than a week ago!!

Jessica said...

NEW YORK! You will be closer to me! It is only about a 7 hour drive! And it's always hot here so you can come visit when you are hating the cold! Yay! I am so excited for the new addition to continually grow in your belly and soon be out in this crazy world! I love you to death and can't wait to meet Ryan... can you beleive we still haven't met... weird! Talk to you soon!

Em & M's said...

Congrats! That's exciting news--I really wasn't expecting it =) Even if you do have a girl, I'm sure you'll love your baby so much. And remember, not every situation is the same between children and their parents. I have a great relationship with my mom. Congrats again. Being a mom is the best!