Thursday, February 7, 2008

Morning Sickness...

Bleh. I dunno but so far this pregnancy isnt the time of my life that so many have tried convincing me it is. I think I have every symptom there is of being pregnant. Morning sickness, check. Fatigue, double check. Forgetfullness, check. Lucky for Ryan the mood swings haven't kicked in yet but I will tell you what, dropping things all of the time... has. This morning I finally decided that I could handle eating something, hoping it wouldn't just defeat the purpose by throwing it up anyway. So I make my way to the kitchen pop some soup in the microwave, grab the soup, sit down to the computer and low and behold my lack of hand eye cordination decided to make its self known and there goes my soup. And it wasnt like it was a nice broth that could be soaked up with a paper towel... no... it was a noodle soup that fell all over my lap and carpet flooring. If anyone besides me has done this before one would know mushy noodles and carpet do not work so well together.

Aside from morning sickness and dropping things, cravings has now made it to the list. Ryan experience his first cravings run to the grocery store last night but I was nice and went with him. Now normally a run to the store for dill pickles isnt really all that odd for me, pregnant or not. It was the timing that was the odd part, 11:30 pm. Who needs pickles at 11:30 at night, apparently I do. If pickles were the only food craving I had then for me it wouldnt be to far of a stretch but the reciept included: cook and serve pudding, soda (cherry 7up), ice cream and dont forget the pickles.

Can I just say... the nausea is by far the worst part. I get hungry every hour or so and to no avail get nauseated wether I eat or not. I have learned to nibble. Nibbling has become a good friend of mine... oh and so have Ginger Snap cookies.

So am I in for any more odd surprises...?


C.Family said...

Peppermint in any form (gum, mints, etc) helped me. Humm, other suprises, here is the short list:
* You will continue to drop stuff, but eventually your huge tummy will catch it. Buy lots of maternity shirts because you will go through about three a day.
* You will sweat more than you could imagine you could ever imagine. Especially because you are going to be huge in the summer.
* Stretch marks itch and they will show up over night.

There is more but I don't want to scare you too bad. :)

Catherine said...

**more than you want to know** and dont think you will get them all with your first.. some show up when you least expect- it in your second pregnancy!**