Sunday, May 16, 2010

9 Months Old!

Well... more like 9 months and 3 weeks.

Olivia got a present for turning 9 months, aside from changing out her closet for a landslide of new clothes, which was getting her ears pierced.

She handled it valiantly and the Pediatrician who did the piercing did an excellent job! When we got to the Dr.'s office they weighted her, as usual, and she rang in at a whopping 18.5 lbs. Slowly but surely we are creeping up in weight!

To pay homage to my wonderful Aunt Debbie, who recently lost her battle with cancer, Olivia is wearing one of the dresses that she and her daughter had bought for her just before she was born.

I couldnt decide which picture I liked best so I am posting a few... hope you dont mind.


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museumeg said...

I LOVE that little red and white dress!!