Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who Can Guess What Is In The Mail...

Summer Opportunities...

Ok... I would like to start out by saying I am not very good at surprises. I was the kid that found all of her Christmas presents way before they were wrapped and became an expert "re-wrapper" when they were already under the tree. What can I say I get curious.

Any how my Dad and Step Mom have sent Ryan and me a large and rather expensive gift. I asked my dad if he was sending himself... he just laughed and said "I wish sweetheart" this was also followed by other slap stick humor that only my Dad and I think are funny.

I cannot figure out what is being sent to me to save my life... it is currently in the mail and I should have the answer for you soon but would like to take this opportunity to give away some of my photography.

If you can guess what is in the mail you can pick one of these three temple pictures printed on an 8x10.

Picture 1
, Picture 2 & Picture 3
(The first picture is of the Jordan River Temple, second picture is of the Denver, Co. Temple and the third picture is of the St. George Temple... for those of you who were wondering.)

If for some reason you cannot view these pictures just let me know and I will see what I can do.

Good luck!



Kathlen said...

Is it some kind of appliance, Or something for the house?

Dani W said...

Haha... you have to be a little more specific than that... and at the moment I still do not know... ITS KILLING ME!

Kelsey said...

Maybe a couch?

papalapp said...

yes it is something for the house an scrapbook, luv ya catch ya later

Padilla Fam said...

it will be one of those really nice expensive cannons camera for you to take photos! Hopefully you don't have one. . . and I am right!
my blog:

hope you get your blogger list!
good luck!

Padilla Fam said...

uuuu, can i guess again? i think you're getting a huge plasma televison.

Padilla Fam said...

a dresser or chest of some kind to go in the house and it has drawers so that u can put scrapbook accesories or whatever u want.

Catherine said...

by the way.. i love the piture of the jordan river temple.. that is where we were married!