Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hey Dad Look What I Found!


Well today has been a pretty productive day. Ryan has been gone all day so I have been left to my own devices, this can vary from being very good to mischievous. Today was a good day. Anyhow, I was moving the trash to the street for tomorrow morning and look what I found!!! I just didn't scream or anything, surprisingly, I just went about my business (and no dad I did not touch the snake, I was very careful and stood a good distance away when taking this shot... I had to zoom in on him, besides I am sure he is not poisonous).

We had a really interesting storm last night. Two weather advisories were in affect. One was for thunder and lightening and the other was a tornado advisory. Well no tornado for us but we had a magnificent display of color in the sky with all of the lightening. I am going to go out on a limb here and say Mr. Snake was using our garbage can for shelter.


C.Family said...

Oh, I would move. I have an abnormal fear of snakes. Yuck!!!! My skin crawled just looking at that picture.

Dani W said...

hahaha... but he is just a baby!