Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yet Another Disappointment

So Close Yet So Far Away...

Well... We are not headed to Palmyra today to see the temple and check out the sites. Ryan got home super late last night from work and next thing you know we are looking at the clock as we finally hit the sheets and it reads, 2:34. We woke up a little late to say the least.

I was really looking forward to going but Ryan promises that next weekend we will go since we haven't gone this month yet. I am finding out how much harder it is to attend when you don't have a temple super close near by.

(This is my sad face... give me 10 seconds I
will forget all about whatever I was sad about)

So I promise next weekend I will have posts about our trip to Palmyra with pictures to match.

Today however we are planning on spending time with our good friends Amanda and Nathan. As usual the girls figure out what we are all doing and the guys show up looking good. lol. I'm thinking maybe some dinner at Uno's and the movie Get Smart. What do you think???

Any Suggestions?!?! Seriously... running out of steam.


Catherine said...

Do you have any put put golf near by?... it always is a lot of fun to laugh at how horrible you can be plus get a little fliting itme in!

Dani W said...

We do in Saratoga... thanks... good idea. I am going to put that on my list of things to do! Yay!