Friday, July 3, 2009

36 Weeks... Aint No Turning Back Now!

So today I woke up a little earlier (6:30 BTW), I took Zoe out to go potty and then fixed Ryan some breakfast before he quickly jetted off to work.

I hopped on the computer to check email, created a list of things to get done today, loaded the dishwasher, cleaned up after breakfast, brought the garbage can back from the curb and after sitting in bed trying to fall back to sleep I realized I wasnt going to get anymore rest. I checked the weather from my phone to see what I should prepare myself for... sure enough more rain.

So... what did I do at 36 weeks pregnant?! I went outside to pull weeds and plant flowers! I wanted to beat the rain since it has been raining constantly for the past couple of days.

Here are some pictures of my morning accomplishments... This was all done before 10.

(The infestation of crab grass I pulled out of my sidewalk border)

(My lovely new flowers I bought from a local green house for $1 a 6pk. flat, I bought 8 and it has filled it in nice!)

Here are some pictures of my belly... Did I mention my belly button has decided to go on vacation while I have been pregnant? Yeah, it just one day disappeared (It is about 98% gone). So I provided pictures for your viewing entertainment of my disappearing belly button as well as how big my belly has gotten.
(Hey look I take up the whole frame! You like the tiny stretch marks that sprouted over night?!)

(Look Ma... no belly button!!! You can kind of see where it used to be but believe me... it isnt there anymore!)

I couldn't resist putting this picture up of Zorro... I came in the Computer room the other day and found him passed out in the window sill... he didnt even flinch through all 5 pictures I took of him.

(Isnt he cute?! Yes he is in fact laying on that oh so comfortable plastic peice of the window frame)

As for an update on the pregnancy... I had my first weekly Dr appointment yesterday and he said everything looks and sounds great! My blood pressure looked great & I gained 1/2 a pound from the week before, I am up to 160.5 lbs. He laughed when I asked him if my belly button was ever going to come back... he reassured me that it would in fact return to normal! As for little Olivia ( I sure hope this baby doesnt turn out to be a boy or I am going to have to serious explaining to do one day) she is MOVING & SHAKING!!! My stomach has started to look like a waterbed with all of the activity... she actually has been giving me bruises from kicking so hard!

Well there you go... 36 weeks pregnant and still truckin along... just at a much slower pace!



C.Family said...

D-day is right around the corner. Pack your bags now! Colby came at 36 weeks. Those stretch marks are nothing, trust me! I have more than I care to share. Your belly is cute. I wish I had a cute little baby bump. Mine was so big I had a nurse at the hospital is disbelief that I wasn't having twins. Good luck and keep the updates coming!

Jess and Carl said...

You look great! Love the belly and the lack of a belly button, mine disappeared and then stuck out... belly buttons are funny huh!? I'm so glad you are still able to work and such... Your body is going to spring back into shape because of it! Love you and so excited for the big day! It is just around the corner!

Jes, Janessa & Jackson said...

You look great!!!! Good job keeping yourself busy. I just sat and whined a lot. haha

Jeremy and Maddie said...

hahaha your belly button is so funny! im so excited for you.. its coming up so quick! and your yard and flowers look great :)