Monday, July 13, 2009

37 Weeks... What A Busy Week This Has Been... So Far...

The Baby Shower!!!
(WARNING: This is kind of a long post but is full of pictures!)

Friday was my 37 weeks point and what a day it was! Had a Dr appointment followed by my baby shower! My Dr appointment went wonderfully and my baby shower was FABULOUS!!! There were a few people who helped out with the shower but it was put on by my good friends Jenilyn & Krista. The treats were to die for ... arent the cupcakes beautiful?!

The gift table... which a few gifts were added to after I took this picture.

One of the games they had planned for the night... baby sock matching... in under 30 seconds. Britney was the winner, apparently she really likes doing laundry... hey someone has to.

My first present to open for the evening... Cindy had made me this beautiful baby blanket. I had to open it first because she hadnt finished it yet and wanted me to see what she was making for me. She still had the needles left in (so she could finish it obviously) and when I pulled it out of the bag I was nervous because I thought she had started it and wanted me to finish it! I dont really know how to knit so that would have been a rather interesting gift... I was reassured when she said ... "ok now give it back so I can finish it for you!" I cannot wait to see the finished product!

Here is Cindy with the blanket, isnt it Beautiful?!

Some of my other gifts that I recieved... I had so many to open it was great! :) I am very grateful for all the people who attended and sent gifts! :) I had a wondeful time and couldnt have asked for a better shower!

Majority of the things that have been given to us as gifts or hand-me-downs. I feel so blessed to have so many caring and generous people in my life!

This cake one of my friends Torrie made for me... between Ryan and I we have demolished around half of it already... SO DELICIOUS!

Well that was the Baby Shower... next post... Finishing the Hardwood floors... a year and some change work of progress.



Jes, Janessa & Jackson said...

I can't believe you're already 37 weeks!!!! Was your baby shower in Tri-Cities, or New York? I didn't hear about you coming back, but that doesn't mean anything, haha. GOOD LUCK in these last couple weeks!!! =)

Jeremy and Brigitte said...

Don't you just love baby showers! I'm so excited for you.

Dani W said...

No... I didnt come home for the shower... I hardly know that many people back home anymore anyhow most have all moved away. That and I dont think it is safe for an 8 1/2 prego lady to be flying but crazier things have happened. So the shower was put on by all my friends here in NY and it was great. I did miss a few people who couldnt make it but it was great all the same! :)

Jess and Carl said...

So fun! You are so close to the finish line and you look amazing! I have a feeling I am going to hate you because you are going to look so skinny 2 minutes after delivering! hehe... just kidding you know I'll always love you! I miss you tons and I have more stuff to send you but of course I lost your address... again... send it to me when you have time! Loves!