Thursday, July 30, 2009

A few more... sorry so behind in my blogging...

Heading home from the hospital.

I wanted a picture of all three of us wearing out hospital bracelets... our little family of three!

Now that is one PROUD Papa... and yes he did pick that outfit as her home from the hospital outfit... He is trying to butter her up already! :)

Our little jellybean enjoying her boppy. Isnt she tiny?!

Her first bath! Yes... I was the nerdy one to lay her down on a ShamWoW!... But look at those curls!! So cute who would have thought she would come out with curly hair!

Hope you enjoyed some more pictures of baby Olivia...
we had her first Dr. Appt and her pediatrician Stephanie Jorgensen said she was Perfect! Already back to her birth weight at less than a week old.

She has been such an amazing blessing in our lives... who would have thought after all that pain, nausea and all of the other lovely side effects of pregnancy we would be blessed with such a BEAUTIFUL baby girl. One of the first things I said to Ryan after she was born was "We made a good one!" A good one she is... sleeps well... eats well and as Ryan found out... poops well too!



JeMM said...

I want to hold her! You looked great on Sunday and I wanted to tell you how wonderful Palmyra was - thanks for all your planning and effort at a time when you had such other wonderful things going on! Olivia is darling and I do love the curls!

Kelsey said...

I love her curls! She's adorable! Congrats you two!