Thursday, May 21, 2009

Buffalo & 30 Weeks...

Today is Ryan's day seven of days which means tomorrow he is all mine!!! I cannot wait. We have a business training meeting in Buffalo tomorrow so a lot of our time together will be in the car and out of our house. I am pretty excited to get out of the area... nice change of scenery!

On the to do list is Niagara Falls... Ryan doesn't know yet but I secretly want to run over there and take in all of those positive ions... Sorry I guess I watch the travel channel too much lol. In my opinion you cant go to Buffalo without getting wings and seeing Niagara Falls... just unnatural!

I plan on going to Best Buy today and getting a battery charger so we can use our camera. I will provide pictures of me (the 30week prego lady) and Ry at Niagara Falls and all else fun on our little mini trip.

Ta Ta For Now!


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